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Issue: "Elephant in the room," Nov. 3, 2007

Good for us

So Barack Obama thinks it fine for Christians to compromise in favor of his unbiblical views of abortion and "alternative" lifestyles, but he won't compromise ("Preach it," Oct. 6). That tactic has been around a long time, but godly conviction is part of the fabric of authentic Christianity, and we don't live in an alternative universe where it doesn't matter. Obama presents dangerous views on elemental human and societal foundations.
-Bruce Henne; Kenosha, Wis.

You quoted a pastor comparing John the Baptist to Barack Obama. How ridiculous. How can he claim to be a Christian and at the same time support any law that makes legal the murder of babies, unborn and sometimes even (through partial-birth abortion) born?
-Christie Perkins; Columbia, S.C.

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For years conservatives have monopolized religion and it makes me sick. Republicans are not the only people who believe in God-this may come as a surprise to you gas-chugging good old boys. Have you forgotten, "Do not judge others lest ye be judged?"
-Kyle Williford; Orlando, Fla.

As a Baptist pastor, I would never feel comfortable with someone using the pulpit as a platform for his political agenda. Obama clearly does not see the Bible as the Word of God and criticizes conservatives for not neglecting their strongly held convictions in order to support his cause.
-David Neeley; Greencastle, Ind.

Reasons why

I was gratified to read Andrée Seu's "Confessions of an insomniac" (Oct. 6) on why God seems elusive while ignoring our pleas. Why should it be so difficult for God or His heavenly hosts to cure a little insomnia, solve a financial crisis, or provide a little courage when needed? Though I may desire sleep this night, God may decide that I need to work through some truth that will ultimately allow me to find rest when truly needed. Though Seu may be caught in a struggle, her ability to articulate the darkness of the night and the joy of the morning is an inspiration to us all. In the times of silence, we need to keep moving forward.
-Bob Finlayson; Huntingtown, Md.

God is doing battle on our behalf everywhere. Those battles sometimes take us into a physical war in the here and now that we humans don't understand, and so we want to extract ourselves from it. Yet we still have to live our physical lives to the end to see and experience the peace people seem to think is possible here and now.
-Hank Wayman; Coeur d'Alene, Idaho

To me, unanswered prayer is only our perception. God answers in His time and in His way for our best and for His glory. Job, one of my favorite books, has the leading character dealing only with God and not even mentioning Satan, even though he appears to be the cause of the trouble.
-Richard Brewster; Cutchogue, N.Y.

Nervy decision

The issue of increased postage rates strikes a nerve with me ("When 48 ÷ 2 = 26," Oct. 6) as a subscriber and an employee of the USPS. May I point out at least two other factors besides God trying to get your attention? The rising cost of oil has been a burden for us all, and we have a somewhat disproportionate distribution of costs involved in mailing whereby major mailers get deeply discounted rates. I don't know that the recent increase was radical but it certainly was not handled well. As for me, feel free to bill me for the additional postage it will take to get WORLD to my door.
-Dennis Zimmerman; Greenville, S.C.

Kudos to the WORLD staff on your decision to go to 26 rather than 48 issues. We love the magazine and are certain the content of the expanded issues will continue to be as valuable in the future as it has been in the past.
-Bill Swenson; St. Louis, Mo.

Dangerous work

Blackwater guilty before the facts are in ("Enemy of the people," Oct. 6)? Armed guards of dignitaries are not "mercenaries," nor are they enemies of people other than terrorists out to kill Americans. Roads not traveled by Americans are safer not because of dangerous Americans but because those roads have fewer bombs intended for our fellow Americans. Our prayers are needed, not lopsided judgments.
-Ralph Melling; Norton Shores, Mich.

The article shows a lack of understanding of the terrible conditions of war and the dangerous job the Blackwater agents are hired to do. My son is a Marine intelligence officer. The rules of engagement soldiers have to follow put his men at risk and embolden the enemy because they know the rules, too. Blackwater guards are used so extensively because they can do the very dangerous work of protecting one person in a violent world that will do anything and use anyone to kill.
-Ted Gillary; Beverly Hills, Mich.


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