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Issue: "States' rights," Oct. 27, 2007

Wouldn't it be better?

Gene Edward Veith's article "War of religions" (Sept. 29) made me cringe. Associating Christianity with the West is exactly what the Muslim world does; it assumes that a country declaring war on Iraq and supporting Israel against the Palestinians is doing so because of the Christian president's Christian beliefs. With our determination to shoot and bomb anything resembling a terrorist, we do not represent any significant ideological difference from the enemies that Christ calls us to love.
-Matthew Loftus; Bel Air, Md.

Economy calamity?

Critics of Alan Greenspan say lowering interest rates "started a credit binge" ("The Maestro's mess?" Sept. 29). No kidding. Low interest rates over the past five years did exactly what they were designed to do: fuel insane levels of debt spending. Now the U.S. consumer is tapped and leveraged to the hilt. Add to the mix negative savings rates, wage stagnation, a monstrous negative trade balance, a weak dollar, oil prices that might hit the $100 per barrel mark, and a government that goes out of its way to overextend itself. All these things add up to a big problem: an economy going nowhere fast and quite possibly heading toward calamity.
-Chuck Hannon; Beaufort, S.C.

Clinging to faith

Andrée Seu's column ("Greener grass and lost lambs," Sept. 29) was a real eye-widener. She might have been kneeling beside me as I prayed five minutes earlier. All of her "gut" points were my very prayer concerns, right down to "we are dust." When we're clinging precariously to the side of a rocking boat, it helps to know that there are others along who can give some encouragement-especially when we waver in our assurance that Someone's hand is firmly on the rudder.
-Genny Wittenbach; Lebanon, Ohio

Because they know

When I was six months pregnant I had a miscarriage. Tests revealed that my baby had Down syndrome ("Down syndrome dangers," Sept. 15). My well-meaning obstetrician later cooed that it was "really a blessing." But if Down syndrome is such a scourge, why don't any support groups for Down syndrome parents advocate abortion for a Down syndrome diagnosis?
-Pamela Romano; Garfield, N.J.

Can't see it

Please cancel my subscription. I greatly appreciate your news coverage and columns, but cannot understand how your entertainment reviewers can continually review movies with bad language, adult themes, and nudity. As my children get older, I do not want them exposed to this sort of entertainment.
-Dustan Swartzentruber; Millersburg, Ind.

Thank you for your movie and music reviews. It helps me, as an older teenager, to make the right decision as to media I consume. Hollywood is not an uplifting place for Christians, but they need to be there nonetheless. If Christians simply walk away from Hollywood and leave it alone, they are abandoning an avenue of great influence on our nation and the world.
-Eileen R. Hughes; Middletown, N.Y.


The next California gubernatorial election will take place in 2010 ("California schemin'," Sept. 29, p. 24).


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