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Issue: "States' rights," Oct. 27, 2007

The ground truth

I appreciate dedicated reporters like Mindy Belz who make huge sacrifices to learn the ground truth in war-torn places like Iraq. As a soldier, I know what it's like to operate in a hostile environment. "Survivors" (Sept. 29) was especially intriguing and informative in the midst of a season of politically motivated reporting in the media. To read these weekly reports without the liberal spin is absolutely refreshing.
-Capt. Robert Rossow; Kaiserslautern, Germany

It was encouraging to read positive news from Iraq, especially the progress in the Christian community. In our prayers for Iraq, we always place their part in the kingdom of God at the top of the list. It was also good to read about Muslims helping to build houses, schools, and churches for displaced Christians in their community.
-Anthony R. Kopec; Eatonville, Wash.

Long-run compassion

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Regarding Samuel Rodriguez's comments on immigration law enforcement without mention of compassion ("California schemin'," Sept. 29): What is so compassionate about an amnesty that in the long run will only encourage millions and millions of human beings to live lives in the shadows for decades? A compassionate long-term view would emphasize the certainties that come with fair, equitable law enforcement. I would hope that issues such as defending traditional families will not be held hostage to the deconstruction of respect for the law.
-Scott Julian; Saginaw, Mich.

It angered me greatly to read of the differences on immigration that are splitting evangelical Hispanics and evangelical whites. The only logical solution for the immigration crisis is to legalize the illegals. Do those who wish to keep immigrants out actually think that they can forcibly deport the 12 million illegals already here? Do they think it is practical to spend billions on a border fence? Many illegal immigrants are decent, Catholic, hard-working people (much harder-working than many of my Scotch-Irish neighbors, actually). I could go on and on, but I've got to get back to my schoolwork.
-Danny Case, 15; Lyman, S.C.

I will harp on the rule of the law, because it is the only thing keeping us from anarchy! No, I will not stand up and be a voice for these invaders and lawbreakers just because they might help in a defense against homosexual marriage.
-Beth Carsten; St. Peters, Mo.

Now we know

Thanks for informing us about John Schindler and his book about the Bosnian war ("Balkan jihad," Sept. 29). Back in the 1990s I supported President Clinton and his intervention in Bosnia because of what the mainstream media was reporting about Serb atrocities against Muslims. (I also thought that Slobodan Milosovic and the Serbs were dirty rotten Communists who had to be stopped.) Now I realize that the whole world would be better off if the Serbs had been allowed to capture or kill the Muslim jihadists.
-Kent Karmeier; Kansas City, Mo.

I enjoyed your interview with Schindler but disagree with his claim that in Bosnia he witnessed the "criminal misuse of Islam." Muslims we would refer to as "radical" are just holding firmly to their religion. There is no "criminal misuse of Islam" when the Quran requires the elimination of all infidels, especially Jews and Christians. I did, however, appreciate his comment that "Muslims actually meant what they said, and lived it." How much would this world change if Christians served God with the same zeal that Muslims serve Allah?
-Jennifer Andrews; Portsmouth, Va.

Not for sissies

How can any of those street-fighters lay claim to a Christian heart while participating in such a violent, gladiator-like activity ("Lord of the ring," Sept. 29). This is the crudest type of violence. And to read that some claim to be pastors! Never did I expect to see an article such as this, glorifying an activity in which a man lowers himself to a savage, in WORLD.
-Bob Padgett; Phoenix, Ariz.

After watching some brutal mixed martial arts, it dawned on me this was the exact physical representation of the spiritual warfare we Christians are to engage. The work of the Lord is simply not for sissies. And too often, I am one.
-Charles Jandecka; North Olmsted, Ohio

Using the children

As I read your articles about Hillary Clinton's plan for health care for "the children" ("The choice," Sept. 29) and listened to national political rhetoric about it, I wondered how can anyone who is for legalized abortion on demand really be interested in "the children"? Hillary is not the only politician who uses "the children" to get people's attention and votes.
-Betty Morin; Gibsonville, N.C.


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