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Issue: "A mighty fortress is our sect," Oct. 20, 2007

God creates, writers rearrange

I have been to several author interviews, including my own, but I have never been so excited about them as I am about Susan Olasky's interview of J.B. Cheaney and N.D. Wilson ("Doors of imagination," Sept. 22). The answers these authors give are insightful and particularly helpful to aspiring writers. I strongly relate to Cheaney's comments about how God's creation "far exceeds anything I could make up." I tell kids that only God can really create things; people can only rearrange them. But there is no limit to how we can rearrange our thoughts and words in our stories.
-Jim Sukach; Ann Arbor, Mich.

Subprime ethics

Until recently I was an underwriter for a subprime mortgage company that is about to close ("'Subprime' behavior," Sept. 15). It seems that most media outlets and government officials feign ignorance about the real cause of the problem, blaming the borrower or acting as though no one inside or outside the industry saw this coming. They fail to mention that those who gained the most financially got off scot-free while leaving the mess behind for everyone else to clean up.
-Joe Bialek; Cleveland, Ohio

Signs of Baylor

A sign of the times-that's what came to mind when I read of a so-called Christian university, Baylor, being so adamant against teaching, studying, or even investigating Intelligent Design ("Not so fast," Sept. 15). Isn't a university supposed to find and promote the truth?
-Hayden Bayer; Indiantown, Fla.

Light of life

Thank you for Joni Eareckson Tada's column on Down syndrome ("Down syndrome dangers," Sept. 15). In my chiropractic practice I have been blessed with the opportunity to care for a Down syndrome child, Bridget. She has brought the light of Christ into my life and I know she touched others' lives as well. For many, just seeing her bounce and smile enhanced the healing process.
-Bill Decken; Spartanburg, S.C.

Wolves of worry

When I read Tony Woodlief's "No prowling wolves" (Sept. 1), Christ met me in my present and lifted my burden with the reminder of His presence in my future. This past year has been a hard-fought battle against worry as I have been faced with numerous possibly devastating health issues related to my new infant twins, and I had just heard of another potential problem. I have been so grateful that the Lord has allowed me to trust Him (though not perfectly) through these days, and to see His kindness in protecting the health of my babies.
-Judith Crotts; Little Rock, Ark.

Not bad, but not very good

I read with great anticipation "Finding a front-runner" (Aug. 25), wondering who this dark-horse candidate could be. I was disappointed at the name of Mike Huckabee. As an Arkansan, I have lived under most of his governorship. It wasn't bad, but it wasn't very good, either. From what I can tell, he started out as a strong, conservative Republican but, over the years, became pretty moderate, except on homosexual marriage and abortion. It worries me that he used to stand so much more for Christian values. If he's slipped this far, will he slip farther in the White House?
-Adrienne Redding; Little Rock, Ark.


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