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Issue: "A mighty fortress is our sect," Oct. 20, 2007

Arise, Washington

Joel Belz is correct in comparing the Iraqi Parliament and Congress ("Dysfunctional Hill," Sept. 22). For years Congress has made no progress on problems much less difficult than those facing the Iraqis, even with over 200 years of experience. I am grateful that God provided a man of integrity to lead our nation through its first years; I pray that a George Washington will rise up to help set Iraq on a path to democratic government.
-Anne Robertson; Bothell, Wash.

Belz's otherwise well-reasoned editorial on the hypocrisy of our own Congress in its castigation of the Iraqi government misses one crucial point: Given that Congress has long since forgotten what it is to live and create laws under a constitution, cooperation in our own government inevitably leads to the passing of laws detrimental to our country. I would be just as happy if we paid our congressmen their salaries and forced them to sit at home and do nothing.
-David E. Canfield; Bloomington, Ind.

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I had never thought to compare our government with the Iraqi government in regard to expectations. I would hope that Americans would extend an extra measure of grace to the Iraqi political leaders.
-Wanda Jarchow; Luverne, Minn.

It is interesting how so many in Congress seem to base their pronouncements and decisions on polls, yet ignore the polls that disagree with their positions and actions. So many in Congress criticize the president, yet he has higher poll numbers than Congress itself.
-Henry McBride; Everton, Mo.

That's who

In response to "Who do you like?" (Sept. 22), I raise my voice in support of John McCain. These times call for more than just conservative ideology but for righteousness and realism, toughness and tenacity. I'll never approve of the McCain-Feingold Campaign Finance Reform Act, but then again I wouldn't have approved of the Alien and Sedition Act installed by John Adams. Yet God knew that we needed a man like Adams for that period. Similarly, we need to hear what McCain is saying.
-Susan King; Live Oak, Fla.

At the recent Family Values Debate, four top candidates did not show up. As a result, Rudy Giuliani, Mitt Romney, John McCain, and Fred Thompson are out in my book. After seeing Mike Huckabee on this debate and also seeing him slam the hosts about their question on evolution on another debate, he is currently the one I feel is closest to my values.
-Chuck Hankinson; Eure, N.C.

Marvin Olasky says he would probably vote for a Democrat of personal integrity who was tough on terrorism and even "moderately pro-life" over a Republican who voted right most of the time but was "personally slimy." Anybody who believes that it's OK to murder some unborn babies is personally slimy. There's no such thing as "moderately pro-life." Abortion is murder.
-John Lofton; Laurel, Md.

When either party can bring forward a godly Christian who takes a scriptural stand on critical issues, that person should win in a landslide and he would deserve our votes. Would either party today dare to put forward such a candidate? Sadly, I think not. The problem is that the candidates don't stand for themselves anymore; they have sold out to their parties.
-Ralph L. Powers; Golinda, Texas

Delightful day

Our "delightful" memories are of events and people who probably had a miniscule effect on the shaping of our lives, when compared to events and people who have been smoothed over in our memories. Thus, kudos to Andrée Seu's mother ("The uselessness of delight," Sept. 22) who "was home all the time."
-Larry Zimmerman; Electric City, Wash.

Seu's comments on delight really made my day. I woke up feeling rather blah and feeling the obligations of duties that must be performed today. (Some days it even becomes a duty just to motivate my achy body to get out of bed.) The day seemed more beautiful and livable after reading her take on our delights. What a delightful Lord we have! He has made us, His crowning creations, delightful, and He delights in us.
-Marilee Miller; Coquille, Ore.

Can we do it?

My heart is breaking for Sigma Huda ("Heroine in the dock," Sept. 22). How can we leave this noble woman, who has fought so bravely for the women of her country in her work to free them from prostitution, to almost sure death in a prison? Can Americans and Christians around the world exert enough pressure to free this woman?
-Audrey Welch; Greensboro, N.C.


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