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Issue: "Preach it," Oct. 6, 2007

I can't relate to the devastating pain that must accompany losing a child. However, I can relate to the strain that comes with the anticipation of such an event. In my own family are members who continue to reject God. We must fervently petition the Father for the spiritual lives of our lost loved ones.
-Tim Leiphart; Red Lion, Pa.

Is Romans 8:28 to be as easily discarded as The Prayer of Jabez? Perhaps a well-meaning comforter can too flippantly let "All things work together for good to those who love God" roll off his tongue, but surely the abuse of Scripture doesn't negate its truth.
-Aaron Hoak; Bremen, Ind.

Be clean

I take offense at "Green religion" (Sept. 1/8). The question of whether global warming is man-made or part of the Earth's natural cycles is totally irrelevant. Instead of bickering amongst ourselves and with scientists about the nuances of global warming, we need to be fighting for a cleaner planet.
-Kipp Bolt; West Peoria, Ill.

Blank screen

It's weird to see you recommend as "immensely entertaining" a "decidedly humanistic" movie, Death at a Funeral, that contains drug use, foul language, and nudity ("Gallows humor," Sept. 1/8). I draw a blank on how this movie promotes values that glorify God.
-Ruth Heberling; Beaverton, Ore.

I would add to Sam Thielman's review ("Becoming fiction," Aug. 25) that Becoming Jane, while not overtly sexual, does contain a fair number of sexual elements. I enjoyed the movie but came away feeling uneasy. I found the fictionalized romance a bit much, and I found it disturbing to assume that Jane Austen must have been able to write her excellent observations of human nature because she had an intimate relationship such as the film portrays.
-Peggy Judge; Berrien Springs, Mich.

Emphasize defense

I have great respect for Marvin Olasky, but I think "The August drumbeat" (Aug. 25) was off base in asserting that "the left's criticism of an overemphasis on homosexuality is correct." There must be friction on this issue because this is sin that the left is overemphasizing. When spreading the gospel the church is on offense, but for issues like this I think it can only operate on defense, and that means you defend the area of attack.
-Vic Tripp; Tucker, Ga.

What a sacrifice

"Driven to educate" (Aug. 18) was one of the most exciting and uplifting articles I have read in many years. I am thrilled to know there is a Connie Calloway out there who is willing to give of her time and abilities to help kids. What a sacrifice.
-Nancy F. Thomas; Westville, Fla.

Other viewpoints

I need to cancel my subscription. While I admire the quality of your articles and columns, I take issue with your movie and music reviews. I subscribe to Christian magazines to avoid Hollywood, not to bring such things into my home.
-Robert E. DesJarlais; Mishicot, Wis.

I really enjoy WORLD. My favorite sections are "Quick Takes" and the political cartoons. I am a Catholic and enjoy reading news from another Christian's viewpoint.
-Maggie McCord, 14; Tucson, Ariz.


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