Nothing but the best

"Nothing but the best" Continued...

Issue: "Effective Compassion," Sept. 1, 2007

Program Director Sherri Ansley emphasizes the importance of Interfaith's more than 350 active volunteers. "Apart from God, nothing we do is possible without the sacrifice and commitment that our volunteers make. Ninety percent of them are from local churches, and it is their talent and energy that fuels our entire organization."

Located two miles from Southern Methodist University, IHC also receives a steady stream of student volunteers from the school. SMU Professor Bruce Levy, director of the Center for Inter-Community Experience (a program designed to encourage student contribution to local communities), requires each of his students to volunteer, and recommends Interfaith first.

"Because of the experiences they had at Interfaith, many of my students have arranged for clubs, groups, fraternities, and sororities they belong to, to go and volunteer on their own time at IHC," Levy said. He has dealt with organizations like IHC for more than 20 years and said, "They are the best I've ever seen."

Linda Hall responds to such compliments of her organization simply by telling the story of a volunteer student from SMU last year who sent a letter to IHC revealing that her acceptance of Christ was due largely to the Interfaith staff's witness: "I think it would be hard to live, work, or volunteer here at Interfaith and not have your life impacted for the better," Hall said. "We all have pain and disappointment in our lives, but it takes the personal decision to change and the helping hand of a friend to pick yourself up, dust yourself off, and get back to living a life that honors God."


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