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"Mailbag" Continued...

Issue: "He's in," Sept. 22, 2007

Coming around

`0 I've always appreciated the expression, "What goes around, comes around." So, regarding Hollywood's problem with pigeon "bird bombs" (Quick Takes, Aug. 18), is it any wonder with Hollywood putting out so much do-do these days?
-Mike Whitehead; Walled Lake, Mich.

I had to chuckle at "Bird control." As a logger and rancher, I would gladly exchange the pigeon problem for the wolves and grizzly bears that have been forced on us by people in Hollywood and other cities. At least they don't have to worry about a pigeon eating them or their animals. I think I'll start a campaign to save the "poor endangered pigeons and their lost habitat." It worked for the spotted owl.
-Steve Tuning; Kamiah, Idaho

Psychologically convenient

"Terminal terms" (Aug. 18) describes confusion in some newspapers when referring to an unborn child. In my 78 years I have been in the company of hundreds of pregnant women and not one has referred to the life within her as "my fetus." But when pregnant women decide to take that life, it becomes a "fetus." How psychologically convenient for them and the abortionists.
-Robert H. Bickmeyer; Troy, Mich.

Confession of a reader

Andrée Seu finally made me write a letter to you. I was just going along agreeing with her when she threw in the word homeoteleuton ("Confessions of a proofreader," Aug. 18) and I just had to go look it up. Thank you for once again spurring me onward in my learning.
-Evelyn Prest; Winnemucca, Nev.

Blurring purity

David Blankenhorn says the most important social change needed would be "to agree . . . that unwed childbearing is morally wrong" ("Marriage matters," Aug. 4). Later in the interview he says, "I know that many Christians believe that any sex other than sex between married spouses is wrong . . . I do not share it." These two statements are incompatible. He is speaking out of both sides of his mouth and blurring what God is trying to say to us about sexual purity.
-Jean Whitmore; Okinawa, Japan

Cease this sham

Please cease mailing me this sham of a "news magazine." It is a fraud on journalism, a propaganda piece, complete with extreme political bias, bigotry, and ignorance one would only expect to find in uneducated society.
-Mack Johnston; Chewelah, Wash.

I love WORLD. Thank you for bearing the truth without ever wavering. We'll be reading WORLD at our house as long as you publish it.
-Duval Acker; Mt. Pleasant, S.C.

My wife or I misplaced a previous issue, but I just discovered the e-zine view on your website. I love it. It gives me the feel of reading a magazine, and leafing through it as I normally would.
-Wayne Smith; Crystal Lake, Ill.


Geneva Global is a for-profit philanthropic advisory firm ("Business proposition," Aug. 25, p. 27).


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