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Issue: "Effective Compassion," Sept. 1, 2007

Olasky's column was elegant, but an attack on the wholesomeness of deciduous trees? Whatever would we do without apples?
-Esther C. Mumford; Port Angeles, Wash.

Worthy to suffer

Regarding your story on the 23 Korean missionaries kidnapped in Afghanistan, "Zeal for the lost" (Aug. 4): I was disappointed by the weight you gave to the view that nonprofessional, short-term missionaries should not go to such dangerous places. I say praise God for the boldness He gave to this team. Let us pray for the safe return of these 23 brothers and sisters, but let us also pray that they would be encouraged that God has found them worthy to suffer for the sake of the gospel.
-Joshua Wallick; Washington, D.C.

Rank arrogance

Regarding "Two kinds of smarts" (Aug. 4): I'm afraid that TeamBush's "communications lockdown" and "stifling tactics" transmogrify (as Calvin and Hobbes might say) to rank arrogance in the eyes of other observers.
-Sam Reid: Issaquah, Wash.

To fulfill the law

Author David Blankenhorn says that Jesus never said "anything one way or another about homosexuals" ("Marriage matters," Aug. 4). However, Jesus did suggest in Matthew 11 that Sodom, the epitome of homosexual lust, would have repented had it seen the "mighty works" Jesus did in Chorazin and Bethsaida. It appears that Blankenhorn is blind to Jesus' goal that biblical Christians should be seeking to live lives of holiness and purity in thought, word, and deed.
-John Smith; Fairfax, Va.

A sad reflection

The quote from TBN's fundraising letter, "If you have a need-'GIVE GOD A SEED!'" seems a little inaccurate to me ("Big bucks ministries," July 28). And this claim that we're "robbing God" by not contributing to the wealth of a televised clergyman is especially offensive. It's a sad reflection of the times we live in that we would treat our Lord and Creator as a mere investment portfolio. Thank goodness for people like Rusty Leonard who want to keep these shepherds accountable to their sheep.
-Aimee Blakemore; Naperville, Ill.

Your article is a disgrace. The good these ministries do far outweighs the costs. We would gladly give more to these ministries if we could. Not everyone is called to be a Mother Teresa and take a vow of poverty. These ministries have been blessed because they have poured out their hearts and lives to win the lost to Christ. We ask that our subscription not be renewed.
-Mrs. Richard Pierce; Spokane, Wash.

I really appreciated your article on these prosperity gospel "ministries" and their horrendous use of money. Our family has known little old ladies sitting in their homes sending every last penny they have to this type of ministry, honestly believing that it is being used for the kingdom of God. I do agree that an $800,000 annual salary may sound small compared to that of television executives. I was wondering, though, what it would sound like compared to a pastor in China who is currently serving prison time for his faith in Christ.
-Karen Reyburn; Airdrie, Scotland


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