Religious cleansing

"Religious cleansing" Continued...

Issue: "The yoot vote," Aug. 4, 2007

Sex turnaround?

A new federal government study shows the teen birth rate has dropped to 21 per 1,000 women ages 15-17, down from 39 per 1,000 in 1991-without an increase in abortions. During that same period the percentage of high-school students reporting that they have had sexual intercourse dropped from 54 to 47.

Some attribute the birth-rate decline to use of condoms, but abstinence advocate Denny Pattyn said, "Kids are realizing this sex thing has gone too far. I believe God has put this moral code inside of them. When they look at their own life they are searching for something and abstinence is what they've found."

"Educating young people on methods of sexual risk reduction-such as condoms and regular testing-is important and has its place, but the healthiest medical choice is risk avoidance-abstinence," said Gary Rose, president and CEO of the Medical Institute in Austin, Texas. -Julie Ryan

The baseball bar

Who do you sue? In April, a drunken man crashed into a 58-year-old woman at New York's Shea Stadium. She suffered a broken back and is now suing the team and its beer vendor. Last month a 53-year-old man at Yankee Stadium required surgery on a broken vertebra in his neck after another drinker fell on him.

Attorney Joseph A. Ruta, president of the New York City metro chapter of the Christian Legal Society, said he would advise legal action in both cases. Ruta, who specializes in personal injury law, said that New York law makes it illegal to serve alcohol to a visibly intoxicated person, so the team and beer vendor should be held liable.

Ruta explained that the stadium is comparable to a bar or any other venue serving alcohol. Just as a bar owner in New York is held responsible for injuries on his property after alcohol has been served to a clearly inebriated individual, so the team that owns the stadium has broken the law and should be punished accordingly. Bartenders and beer vendors are liable as well. -Allie Cook

Liberalism vs. Israel?

The Conference on the Future of the Jewish People this month reported that Jewish-Americans identify less with Judaism or with Israel than they used to. Rabbi Daniel Lapin, head of the Orthodox organization Toward Tradition, agrees that issues unconnected with Israel have grabbed many Jewish hearts: "If a proverbial genie popped out of a bottle and offered all American Jews eternal peace and prosperity for the state of Israel on the condition that America end Roe v. Wade and eliminate any possibility of homosexual marriage, they would say thanks but no thanks, it's no deal." -Megan Rieger

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