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Issue: "All's fair at the fair," Aug. 25, 2007

We loved Olasky's column on the 100 words; however, my grandson and I can only find 99. What happened to "fiduciary?"
-Linda Rudolph, Daniel Evans; Easley, S.C.

Kudos on using all the words, although at least one use was erroneous. All triangles have sides but only a right triangle has a hypotenuse. Your column reminds me of prepping for the SATs and finding out that "wanton" was not the name of a Chinese soup.
-Ken Auer; Greeneville, Tenn.

Inspired to tears

I read the inspiring "Help the little guy" (July 28) and ended up in tears. They were tears of guilt (Why haven't I done anything for our military?), tears of joy (that there are men like Eric Egland), tears of thankfulness (that God moves men to get beyond themselves and do something), and tears of fear (for those brave men and women whose lives are in danger, serving America for me).
-Meredith Berg; Hudson, Wis.

Dark days

Joel Belz finds many unhappy Americans who view our presence in Iraq as more about building democracy than protecting the United States from terrorists, and he attributes it to the Bush administration's communication failure ("False sense of security," July 28). That is not so; our effort in Iraq is a rescue mission. It is a mistaken strategy, based largely in President Bush's Enlightenment assumptions about the ability of democratic politics to shape a better world. The war on radical Islam needs to be fought with special forces troops, better intelligence networks, assassination, and increased border security, not rescue missions destined to end badly.
-Scott Kester; Lake Ariel, Pa.

Belz made a mistake in limiting his war survey to the two options of battling terrorist threats and supporting Iraqi democracy. I also would have been frustrated because a vital third choice is involved: "Can Western nations and the United States tolerate being blackmailed for oil for the foreseeable future by Middle East tyrants?"
-H. Eugene Eslinger; Elkhart, Kan.


Jerry Bruckheimer is the producer of the Pirates of the Caribbean film series. Gore Verbinski is the director ("Balance Sheet," June 30/July 7, p. 71).


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