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Issue: "Minority report," Aug. 11, 2007

Berry sharp

Our family loves books, and I think your June 30/July 7 cover ("The 2007 books issue") ranks among the best magazine covers I have ever seen. Second, my thanks to Nancy M. Tischler for her article regarding Karon vs. Berry ("Fictional communities"). I have not read Karon but have read much of Berry, and am glad to see him highlighted so prominently. More than being merely entertaining, his writings have done much to sharpen my thinking about American agriculture.
-Ron Southwick; Nedrow, N.Y.

Subtlety captured

I sure enjoyed Joel Belz's column about Mrs. Graham ("Truth teller," June 30/July 7). He captured the subtlety perfectly.
-Harlan K. Schlicher Jr.; Mountain Lakes, N.J.

The guilty flee

You reported that death row inmate Cathy Henderson claims that the 3-month-old infant in her care died accidentally (The Buzz, June 23), after which she "stuffed the infant in a wine cooler box, drove 60 miles north and buried him in a field." Hardly the actions of an innocent person! Proverbs says that the guilty flee when no man pursues.
-Richard B. Murphey; Sun City, Ariz.

Milking more

The push for ethanol is milking more than dairy consumers ("King corn," June 23). Check out the price increases for meat and eggs, not to mention cereals. Do we really think that turning our food into fuel won't impact prices? And don't hold your breath waiting for fuel prices to come down.
-Calvin Mast; Denair, Calif.

The cheapskate way

We took our 8-year-old son to Europe the cheapskate way: using frequent flier miles, riding public transportation, and staying in cheap hotels with bathrooms down the hall. When he was 10 we visited Spain and Morocco, studying history and art and meeting locals. The next year we took weekend missions trips into Mexico. Christian parents should travel internationally with their kids-not to spoil them in a trendy new way ("Conspicuous kids," June 16) but to show them a world that needs the gospel.
-Laura Hendrickson; San Diego, Calif.

At each other's throats

Belz poses an interesting question: What difference would it make to peace in the Middle East if Israel didn't exist? ("What about Israel?" June 16). There's very little unity in the Muslim world. Long before the re-creation of the Israeli state in 1948, Muslims had been at each others' throats. The major effect of Israel has been to give an excuse for supporting some Islamic leaders and hating the West.\
-Irving E. Friedman; Irvine, Calif.


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