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Issue: "Big bucks ministries," July 28, 2007

Interesting that Andrée Seu, who is now such a stickler for head coverings because she believes that's what God requires, cheerfully describes the defenestration of the Regulative Principle in Worship, which simply means that we should worship God as He requires, not however we desire.
-Aaron Hoak; Bremen, Ind.

One of the things I really enjoyed about worshipping with my brothers and sisters from Nigeria, Kenya, Cameroon, and other African nations while in international churches in Italy and Greece was their desire to sing before prayer. One explained to me that just as they would not go to church without preparation, they prepare their hearts to approach Almighty God by singing His praises. There is a lot to learn from our fellow believers; none of us have it just right.
-Ginny Fischer; Nezperce, Idaho

Glimpses into reality

As Marvin Olasky said, we are certainly not "Marionettes of helplessness" (June 23). We have been given glimpses into objective reality and we are responsible for what we see and do. The fact that we are not more concerned about education and doing the right thing in both large and small contexts should humble us and drive us to seek the only One who can give us more glimpses into reality.
-Dick Friedrich; Caledonia, Mich.

Freedom only works when it's practiced as responsible freedom. Responsible freedom only works when a society corporately provides a working definition for what responsible freedom is, and ostracizes or in some way penalizes those who don't comply.
-Monte Wiens; Dallas, Ore.


I am encouraged that WORLD is devoting more space to news on Sudan ("Breaking ranks," June 23) and the problems there. We need to make our politicians aware that we will not tolerate mass killing, rape, slavery, and religious persecution regardless of where it happens. We must also hold them responsible for the promises of help that they make. Hollow sanctions by the U.S. government are not enough.
-Christian Tracy; Keller, Texas

Chips estranged

"Chips off the old blocks" (June 23) featuring Cecil and Prince Fielder was interesting but didn't mention that the father and son are estranged and have not spoken for three years now.
-John Mizerek; Sylvania, Ohio

Woefully amiss

When the account of Noah and the cataclysmic flood is reduced to a child-friendly American comedy in Evan Almighty ("Animal planet," June 23), something is woefully amiss. How could sensible Christians stomach the trivializing of God's greatest judgment ever?
-Paul Laman; Bloomingdale, N.J.


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