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Issue: "All heart," July 14, 2007

Regarding the German official who told Melissa, the girl he had forcibly removed from her parents' home, that her preference for homeschooling was the result of "tyrannical" parenting: I hope the irony of this isn't lost on anyone.
-Jeff Wykstra; Wyoming, Mich.

Clean Spurs

I am puzzled by "Dirty Spurs" (June 9). Yes, there were several incidents recently, but overall the San Antonio Spurs have a reputation as amiable competitors. Not being as "nationally celebrated" as Michael Jordan's Bulls or Magic Johnson's Lakers is because the team is not "Tim Duncan's Spurs." Rather, it is a team of players who keep egos largely in check, prefer one another over themselves, and win. And the police blotter is kind of empty, too.
-Edward Fidellow; San Antonio, Texas

Before world's beginning

The latest Pirates of the Caribbean movie ("Off course," June 9) cuts to the heart of what really matters to us all: How can we live with ourselves, and how do we reach immortality? The movie does a great job answering the first question by showing that we cannot live with only ourselves. That leads to suicide and death. However, with the second question At World's End misses a beat by telling us that you cannot be sure you will return from the dead. This matter was settled by the Ruler of this world and the next. There is only one way to immortality: by trusting in the One who lived to die for us.
-Mary Hall; Apopka, Fla.

Just too far

I usually enjoy Andrée Seu, but this time ("A symbol of glory," June 2) she's gone too far. Doesn't she realize women wearing hats to church went out of style even before promises to "love, honor and obey" dropped out of wifely wedding vows? Really! I promised to obey my husband twenty-some years ago, but only because I was an old-fashioned kind of girl. Besides, every woman worth her salt knows that "submission" means that her husband knows precisely what she wants and he'd better get on board, or else. Come to think on it, that's how I pray.
-Becca Whitham; Tigard, Ore.

I wear a covering in church because I believe Scripture commands me to do so as a sign of submitting myself to my husband, my church leadership, Christ, and God the Father. Seu's sensitivity to Scripture on an unpopular issue encourages my own endeavor to say "yes" to all of God's Word.
-Esther Talbert; Travelers Rest, S.C.


I'm really concerned about your headline for the story on the American Idol winner: "Ideal idol" (June 2). From what I saw of Jordin Sparks on the internet and from the pictures in this issue, I don't think she's very modest. I'm concerned about how my young daughter and other Christian teens would view modesty in light of Jordin Sparks.
-Ben Luna; Reading, Pa.

No Bush-bashing

If I could only subscribe to one periodical, it would be WORLD. I look forward to it each week. I particularly like the movie reviews and political cartoons, but I also appreciate your conservative viewpoint. It is refreshing, too, not to find Bush-bashing.
-Joyce Fleming; Huntingdon Valley, Pa.


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