Man behind the marriage battle

"Man behind the marriage battle" Continued...

Issue: "Goodbye again," June 9, 2007

Within five minutes Mineau heard the crunch of footsteps and the voice of an English villager saying, "I say mate, are you hurt?" Mineau spent the next three months unable to move, both arms and legs suspended in traction, before being transferred back to the United States. Back home Mineau learned that most of his fractures hadn't healed properly and that surgery was needed to re-break and repair the fractures.

He recalls the doctors telling him, "You can forget about flying-you'll never fly again. We're not even sure that we can save your left leg."

Until that instant Mineau had been using the "power of positive thinking," but now the self-described "brash" pilot didn't know what to think. A "divine appointment from God" with one of the Air Force chaplains that Mineau had become accustomed to brushing off began a spiritual transformation that Mineau says continues to this day.

After five years and multiple surgeries, left leg still intact, Mineau was well enough to take an assignment teaching engineering at the Air Force Academy in 1974. But the assignment didn't last long. Mineau knew he wanted to get back in the air when another pilot challenged him, "Hey Kris, we know why you're a Jesus freak, you're a grounded pilot and Jesus is your crutch."

So six years to the day and hour later, Mineau was behind the controls of a fighter jet again. He completed his Air Force service in 1992 with the rank of colonel.

"Which is amazing," he says, "for a guy who was in limbo status for six years. All the glory goes to God."

Mineau applies the same energy and commitment to his work with MFI, and military experience has trained him to be a fighter for the protection of traditional marriage. With no shortage of foes, Mineau counts on support from Lura, his wife of 42 years, whom he describes as "feisty, opinionated, but extremely loving, gentle, and caring."

Lura copes with the stress and long hours of her husband's work, as well as the unending interruptions at their North Reading home-the phone is constantly ringing, she says-knowing they are surrounded by people who "cover us in prayer all the time."

Were it not for her, Mineau says he probably wouldn't be doing what he's doing. "The primary reason that I'm in this battle for marriage is because of my wife, what she means to me, what my children mean to me, what my grandchildren mean to me-that's all marriage."
-Heather Scarano is a writer living in Wakefield, Mass.


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