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"Mailbag" Continued...

Issue: "The 2007 Books Issue," June 30, 2007


Concerning Mel White's broken heart at Jerry Falwell not discovering the "truth" about homosexuality ("In their own words," May 26): It breaks our heart that White, who served in such a prestigious position with Falwell, would openly condone sin and make a mockery of Scripture.
-Don & Venita Rosenow; Clay Center, Kan.

Credible witnesses

As a professor of criminal justice, I found "How many witnesses?" (May 26) most interesting. I agree; at least two witnesses should be the standard and in most cases is. As to what qualifies as a witness, it should be anything that has been determined to be credible. For example, the polygraph has yet to be "proven" as credible and thus is not used in courts of law, but DNA evidence has, so the eyewitness testimony of the victim plus the DNA evidence in a rape case would qualify as two witnesses.
-Jeffrey P. Rush; Monroe, La.

New creatures

As a pastor, I attended a local AA meeting and sensed what Andrée Seu's friend "D" meant when speaking of the defeatist "I am an alcoholic" mantra ("AA revisited," May 19). I often hear the same mantra when, in relation to our identity in Christ, Christians refer to believers as "sinners." New Testament writers never address their Christian readers as sinners. As an alcoholic is someone who lives for drink, can a person living for Christ still refer to himself and others of like faith as a sinner?
-Ron Moser; Pratt, Kan.

Still unfolding

I was disappointed to find only a brief mention of the tornado that struck Greensburg, Kan. (The Buzz, May 19). Perhaps the real story is still unfolding: Individuals across Kansas are taking the initiative to donate food and clothing, organize and collect donations, and travel to Greensburg to help clear debris. Christians hope that their loss will be a means of spreading revival in the Heartland.
-Esther Harmer; Ingalls, Kan.

Impotence without Christ

Thank you for highlighting presidential candidates. The article revealing the division among evangelicals over the potential of electing a Mormon to the presidency ("Catching Mitt," May 19) is a wake-up call to Christians in the USA. No amount of human virtue will compensate for the impotence of a person without Christ attempting to address critical needs of our country.
-Richard & Lennie B. Knight; Burleson, Texas

Real news

Our family just discovered your magazine. We cancelled Newsweek a couple of years ago in disgust over their liberal views. WORLD is a great replacement, similar in style but with balanced, real news and a Christian worldview-how refreshing!
-Brad & Jan Schwartz; Romeo, Mich.


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