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Issue: "Fixing Islam," June 16, 2007

Small givers give

Joel Belz has brought me to tears, again ("Junk the junk mail", May 12). This is the second time he has told us that small gifts are costly to the recipient and we should stop giving them. But I believe Christian ministries want more than financial support, and many small givers give, with joy, much more than their small monetary gifts-we pray!
-Virginia Prochazka; Franklin, Ill.

We just can't handle all the mail we receive each day. We pray for our country, our president, the troops, and sick and needy people. We will continue to do so, perhaps with greater zeal as we eliminate the time spent in reading and tossing mail into the basket each day.
-Homer & Winifred Kenyon; Clermont, Fla.

As someone who is involved with direct mail fundraising, I can give another side to Christian junk mail. There are more parachurch organizations than ever before, and we are competing for your support dollars. Fundraising by web page and email has yet to be as fruitful as paper mail, and it is the most effective way for nonprofits to tell their stories. With our society becoming increasingly digital, we may soon see the decline of direct mail fundraising, but not until another fundraising vehicle takes its place.
-James Morgan; New Castle, Pa.

Devotional stuff

Andrée Seu encouraged this aging pastor of a small church ("Betrayal," May 12). When I consider the splash some of my peers have made in the culture, even receiving up to 30 minutes of fame, the "devotional stuff" of diligently expounding and applying God's word every week seems rather bland by comparison. Yet through such "devotional stuff" Christ changes lives for eternity.
-William Horner; Princess Anne, Md.

The morning word

Tony Woodlief hit my heart dead center in "Mornings" (May 5). How many times have I woken with a song in my heart because the sun is up, the night has passed, and a whole day is ahead. You see, my infant daughter has seizures during her sleep at night. The fears crowd in at night, but when my soul grows weary the dawn comes and hope springs anew every morning that we may yet beat this thing. Thank you for reminding me that it's not just the next day I am rejoicing in, but that final morning when we shall see God face to face and all our fears will pass away.
-Elizabeth Adams; Oroville, Calif.

I am not one to cut out magazine articles, but this column is hanging on my refrigerator for mornings when I need this word.
-Rose Hexum; Vadnais Heights, Minn.


Jerry Falwell graduated from Baptist Bible College in Springfield, Mo. ("A public journey," May 26, p. 24).

The Kansas City Royals swept the Detroit Tigers last season to help Minnesota to an AL Central Division pennant (Quick Takes, May 12, p. 7).


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