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Issue: "Goodbye again," June 9, 2007

Marvin Olasky closed his column on partial-birth abortion ("Piercing the skull," May 12) by lamenting that in news stories, "fetus was still the word of choice for describing the unborn child. How long, Lord, how long?" I have long wondered why those who support abortion are referred to as "pro-choice" rather than "pro-death." Indeed, Lord, how long?
-Pete Ross; Montrose, Colo.

Knife in the hand

Thank you to Andrée Seu for "Betrayal" (May 12). I, um . . . (squirm), love Jesus too. Pointing fingers was easier before reading her column.
-Holly Emmert; Houghton, Mich.

Ouch. It was a very powerful column. Every other word out of one's mouth doesn't have to be "Jesus" or "God," but when He's relegated to the back row in the discussion of important things, then that's not the place to be.
-Kevin Miller; Winchendon, Mass.

Never-ending job?

Cal Thomas asks, regarding Iraq, "Does the United States not suffer a loss of credibility in the world's eyes for again failing to finish a job it started?" ("Retreat & repeat," May 12). But what is the job? If part of it is to establish democracy, the job is never-ending because the chances of establishing it in a country with little background in Christianity are remote. Maybe we should swallow our pride and leave.
-Craig Shoemaker; Jenison, Mich.

Term limits

Four years of living in Istanbul have taught me that we should be very careful about the terms "Islamist" and "Islamic government" in reference to Turkish politics. The current government, composed mainly of observant Muslims, has made strides in liberalizing Turkey's economy, extending human rights to minorities, and negotiating with the EU for membership. In contrast, the "traditional secularist parties" want to prevent women who wear headscarves from attending school, working as a teacher or in any government position, or serving in an elected office. How would Abraham Lincoln, Mahatma Gandhi, or Martin Luther King Jr. have responded to such ridiculous discrimination?
-Jeff Wearden; Istanbul, Turkey

They know

Thank you for addressing the real issue ("Professional dishonesty," May 5). It's not whether or not journalists know the truth about abortion or are capable of figuring it out. They know it but they willingly obscure the facts because the facts are totally offensive to anyone with a conscience. The Bible says such people "deliberately forget" that there is a God who will punish their wickedness.
-Micah Dalbey; Missoula, Mont.

Many victims

Richard Land ("God & country," April 21) made several insightful observations on the balance of faith and country and how they are not to merge into religious theocracy. However, I question his assertion that adultery is a matter solely of "consenting adults in private." Adultery is not a victimless crime. The victims are children, and there is a general coarsening of our culture and a degradation of vows in a legal system that looks the other way.
-Eric Bierker; Mountville, Pa.


Turkey's parliament moved forward national elections to July 22 after a constitutional court annulled the parliamentary selection of Abdullah Gul as president (The Buzz, May 12, p. 4). But popular elections remain uncertain.

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