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Issue: "Ideal Idol," June 2, 2007

Not so equal

John and Elizabeth Edwards' multimillion-dollar backyard and their condemnation of the modest property of a neighbor they've never even met ("Rich man, poor man," May 5) is the perfect example of the "two Americas" of which Edwards has so frequently complained. It reminds me of the pigs in Orwell's Animal Farm who said, "All animals are equal, but some animals are more equal than others."
-Penny Smelcer; Apex, N.C.

I was disappointed with the piece on Edwards. I picked up WORLD eager to wrestle intellectually with policy issues and views from a candidate who thinks differently than me. Instead, I found an article that makes sure to hit all the reasons why I won't like Edwards without going into any depth on his detailed plan for poverty reform.
-Nathan Bishop; Rapid City, S.D.

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Did Edwards really think that such a large house would go unnoticed? In this age of Google, blog sites, and YouTube, it is amazing that some politicians don't seem to realize how quickly their gaffes and lies can come to light. The hypocritical ways of Edwards can no longer be hidden behind the sympathetic and protective MSM.
-Rachel Werner, 16; Shawnee, Kan.

Look at all of the 2008 candidates and see who has a solid marriage and good family, without affairs and messy divorces. Edwards knows what hard work is and is very intelligent. He seems to care more about the poor and middle class than the Bush/Cheney team ever has. Your article was unbelievably biased.
-Leslie Jones; Stillwater, Minn.

Out of touch

Joel Belz is correct about the mainstream media's deliberate cover-up of what actually occurs when a viable baby is killed ("Professional dishonesty" May 5). A recent Washington Post editorial is instructive: It called the Supreme Court's recent partial-birth abortion decision "chilling," "disturbing," and "galling." Most Americans would use those words to describe the partial-birth abortion procedure, not the Court's ruling. It's a misnomer to refer to the secular press as "mainstream," given how out of touch it is with people on Main Street.
-Charles D. Eden; Atlanta, Ga.

I too was dismayed at the media withholding information about partial-birth abortion, so this time I did something about it and wrote a letter to the editor of our local paper describing in detail the awful procedure. It was published. A pregnancy care center director contacted me after seeing the letter and said that, although a reporter interviewed her and gasped as she explained the procedure, not a word of it was printed.
-Patricia Gent; Fortuna, Calif.

That was a powerful column by Belz. Until we acknowledge that abortion is the premeditated killing of an unborn child, how can we expect to find truth and wisdom-and God's favor-in dealing with the lesser problems we face in this nation?
-Clarence M. Grafton; Lynch Station, Va.

I get so confused. We legislate whether one has to wear a seat belt, where one smokes, and many other less life-threatening events, and then we get flack for legislating to stop a procedure that is quite barbaric. A fellow nurse once told me that she had to repeat an abortion procedure because they didn't get all the body parts-then it sunk in that we were talking about an actual baby.
-Kristi Gilsdorf; Fort Collins, Colo.

A dark world

Thank you for the articles about the three Christian men murdered recently in Turkey ("No turning back," May 5) and forced abortions in China ("Death by visitation," May 5). It is important to be aware of the suffering church and to lift them up in prayer.
-Sarah Goad; Joplin, Mo.

The Chinese government requires pregnant women to register as part of its population control policy, which means many women have to hide their pregnancies. Having just returned from China with our newly adopted daughter, my wife and I appreciate the courage and risks that our daughter's biological parents had to give birth to her. By continuing to support Chinese missions, including adoptions, we can offer God's light in a dark world.
-Tracy & Justin Hollander; New Albany, Ind.

My heart breaks for Wei Linrong and the other women (and their babies) who have been abused so horribly. Heinous!
-Jane Breederland; Traverse City, Mich.

Wei's abortion occurred on April 17. On April 16 I sat with my pregnant wife at the radiologist's office worried that our baby was dead. Praise the Lord, the ultrasound found a healthy baby, but just those three hours affected my wife so profoundly that she didn't feel emotionally well for two more days. A forced abortion is a travesty that will plague Wei for the rest of her life.
-Dan Foster; Edgewood, Md.


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