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Issue: "Is Romney rolling?," May 19, 2007

Walking well

Regarding Zach Johnson's triumph at the Masters ("Higher master," April 21): It was amazing to hear the name of Jesus glorified on national television! My mom refers to golf as "a good walk wasted," but what a blessing it was to see that God glorifies His name in all things, clearly seen through this excellent golfer who did not waste a good walk, but turned it into a Christian ambassador's march of victory.
-Amy S. Burback; Kearney, Mo.

Unacceptable scenario

When I read "Acceptable targets" (April 21), I was outraged! How could a safety procedure become a cause to stereotype? Whoever wrote this scenario was asleep when other attacks were taking place on school grounds and when the killers were identified.
-Maryellen Busch; Parker, Pa.

Just say it

As a long-time jazz fan, I wish that instead of buying Harry Connick's "Oh, My Nola" CD (Bestselling CDs, April 21) I had spent 99 cents on iTunes. Connick's piano playing was muted. His renditions of classics like "Bill Bailey," "Jambalaya," and "Hello Dolly" were awful, so melodically disjointed. And Arsenio Orteza's synopsis of Diana Krall's latest CD was too understated. Why doesn't he just say that "I'm Walkin'" was butchered and she couldn't find her key to save her life in "Day In Day Out"? Finally, thanks for the heads-up on Pat Metheny's and Randy Crawford & Joe Sample's latest CDs.
-Liz Bewley; Royal Palm Beach, Fla.

Science of frustration

I very much appreciate author Bjorn Lomborg calmly putting the global warming "crisis" in perspective ("Cool-headed," April 21). It frustrates me to see how many people respond to so-called "scientific facts" fed to us by anchormen and journalists.
-Rebekah Hamilton; Tulsa, Okla.

The end, or not

We've subscribed for at least 10 years, off and on, with pleasure. But I'm tired of wading through the news of pop culture. Please end our subscription.
-E.F. Isaacs; Salisbury, Md.

Our family, including all of my children, now teens, has been reading WORLD from cover to cover for many years. Lately I've tired of it because it's become daunting in my heart to read, over and over, how Satan, the world, and our sin nature are messing things up. I just wanted something whimsical or light. But you courageously keep speaking the truth, in love. Thank you.
-Joseph Badger; Peninsula, Ohio


Eric Volz was arrested on Thanksgiving Day and accused of raping and murdering his ex-girlfriend ("Final verdict," May 12).


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