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The battle for Baghdad

"The battle for Baghdad" Continued...

Issue: "Street warfare," April 7, 2007

"We've got to have time," Campbell said. "Our concept of time and the culture's sense of time here are two different things. We're from a society that's about fast food and getting it done. Over here it's much slower." Campbell points out that rebuilding Germany and Japan took 10 years, and they were not rebuilt while fighting a war.

Campbell doesn't watch the news every day, but many of his soldiers do and are troubled by the negative focus of the American media. "What I don't think people are seeing are all the great things that are happening each day and all the victories that are happening." Campbell rattles off a list of accomplishments: schools opening, businesses created, employment on the rise, and neighborhood advisory councils growing across the region. "All they see is the bad stuff," Campbell said. "For every explosive device that goes off, there are four or five that are stopped. For every person you find murdered, you don't hear about the four or five kidnap victims that were recovered."

Campbell has missed four of the past five Christmas holidays with his family. With a wife of 23 years and two kids-ages 18 and 20-back home in Ft. Hood, Texas, he longs to return like other soldiers and their families-just not the easy way.


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