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Issue: "Don't fence me out," April 21, 2007

Normally, I'm grateful for the reviews of pop-culture media and have no objection to the use of cultural vernacular in such reviews. But, "scientists have Jesus' back"? I'm sure our Almighty Lord is ever so relieved.
-Katalin H. Korossy; Kensington, Md.

Application gap

"Standing in the God gap" (March 17) raises the question of how so many people who claim to believe that the Bible is "accurate in all the principles it teaches" identify themselves with the Democratic Party, whose platform and actions are openly hostile to biblical principles. I can only conclude that many Christians are not applying their faith to their politics.
-Christa Spangle; Moon Township, Pa.

More than hypocrisy

I loved the cartoon of Al Gore leaving his private jet for his stretch limousine (The Buzz, March 17). There is more than hypocrisy at work here; Gore is also truth-challenged.
-Robert Morris; Atlanta, Ga.


You wrote that Wild Hogs ("Hog tied," March 17) "has none of the charm of similar-themed City Slickers." I must not have any knowledge of the Midwest and what life is like in the real world. This movie made me laugh till I cried. It was certainly not as bad as you made it seem.
-Tammy M. Fosse; Henning, Minn.


Some Democrats are worried about children's self-esteem because of being overweight, even though it is hard on the body ("F is for fat," March 10). I don't understand how they think-no need to tell girls about the physical and mental effects of abortion, but don't give kids the idea that they are overweight.
-Shane Anders; Riverside, Calif.

Schools are already doing vision testing, hearing testing, and scoliosis screening. If you accept that any of this is appropriate for a government school (I'm conflicted), Body Mass Index reporting makes a lot of sense.
-Stuart Fraley; Indianapolis, Ind.


I find it ironic that American Islamic leaders complain of misrepresentation in the pamphlets Kamil Solomon handed out to Enloe High School students, "but declined to point out specific factual errors" ("Free speech fight," March 10). They can't point out any errors because the charges are true. The Quran promotes violence against wives, non-Muslims, and fellow Muslims who disagree. Islam demonizes itself.
-Irving E. Friedman; Irvine, Calif.

Beacon of ministry

Amidst the seemingly overwhelming and never-ending news items that tear at our hope and security (death wishes of Islam, petty and putrid political games, all-consuming sports and media), a small item stood out like a beacon in the night. It was about the passing of biblical scholar Bruce Metzger ("Man knows not his time," March 3). Since his birth in 1914, he probably read of similar news countless times, yet he spent his time and energy translating and teaching God's Word. His life is a great reminder to praise God, for He has already won the victory.
-Arlene Eldridge; Mililani, Hawaii


In Acts 20, Eutychus fell out the window in Troas ("'Amen!' 'Preach it!'" March 3, p. 47).


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