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Issue: "Don't run, Newt," April 14, 2007


Three cheers for Susan Olasky for her refusal to keep reading Linda Berdoll's Darcy and Elizabeth because of erotic content (Noteworthy Books, March 10). Her review assignment notwithstanding, she chose not to be conformed to this world.
-David A. Peterson; Kincheloe, Mich.


The polls that seem to give conflicting results about Americans' attitudes toward the war are valid ("Surveys say . . . ," March 10). I feel both that the war is a virtually hopeless mess, and that pulling out now would make it messier still. This conundrum is evidence not that polls are skewed (although they certainly are) but rather of the monumental waste of finding ourselves mediating an alien tribal war.
-Nathaniel Osborn; Stuart, Fla.

Out there

I'm a little put out by Bart Campolo's assumption that if Christians aren't flocking to his volunteer service program then they "aren't out there in the same way" as the non-Christians are ("Year of jubilee," March 10). Has he considered the possibility that many of the people in the secular service programs are Christians? Within my now-adult children's small circle of Christian friends from high school, there are young adults in the Peace Corps, Teach for America, and the Navigators. Two others are in full-time mission work and another has started his own volunteer group to build houses.
-Marilyn Reed; Wexford, Pa.

Could be innocent

I'm a fan of WORLD but also a cyclist, and I'm disappointed in your statement that Floyd Landis is "disgraced" because of the positive drug test following the Tour de France and that he may yet "escape on a technicality" ("Close-ups," March 10). That's the conventional wisdom, but there are other possibilities, related to the potential mishandling of test samples, that could establish his innocence.
-Mike Vrchota; Thousand Oaks, Calif.


The crusade public schools are on to negate everything Christian was proved ludicrous in Jamie Dean's article, "Free speech fight" (March 10). The idea that Enloe High School policy allows only for "secular teaching about religion" made me laugh.
-Kathy Evernham; Port Orange, Fla.

Not like his movie

What a shock to see that Al Gore paid nearly $30,000 for one year in electric and gas bills (The Buzz, March 10). That is way more money than my wife and I receive annually in our pension checks. Gore is a perfect example of "Do as I say and not as I do."
-Robert Collins; Westlake, Ohio

Didn't sit right

Although I consider Nicholas Cage a good actor, something about all the satanic references in Ghost Rider didn't sit right with me ("Campy fire," March 3). Walking out of the theater, my opinion was that it would have been much better to have an archangel fighting the demons.

-Teagan Schmidt, 17; Lindstrom, Minn.


Samaritan's Purse was founded by Bob Pierce ("A long way from Capitol Hill," March 10, p. 21).


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