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Issue: "Street warfare," April 7, 2007

The rights price

It is within Google's rights to censor YouTube video blogger Nick Gisburne, who posted quotes from the Quran ("Raw footage," March 3), and it is increasingly exercising this power as YouTube is pressured by peeved copyright-holders. However, censorship comes at a price. It generated a massive backlash within the web community and it was unnecessary. Only when the extension of our rights threatens others' basic freedoms should rights be denied. Did Gisburne's video posts limit Muslims' right to assemble? To print? To exercise free speech themselves? I think not.
-Nate DeJong; Grand Rapids, Mich.

Not ours

Timothy Lamer argues eloquently against gambling ("Plundering for fun," Feb. 24) but misses the main point: It's God's money, not ours. God has provided a full, legitimate framework-hard work, savings, giving, prayer-within which He provides His money to meet our needs precisely. When we step outside that framework, we've decided His methods and His money just won't do.
-Clint Sherwood; Lake Peekskill, N.Y.

Model search

In "Doing good and helping the poor" (Feb. 24), Eric Metaxas doubted whether anyone in American history resembled Wilberforce. At that same time period, one individual immediately stands out: New York's own John Jay, who knew and corresponded with Wilberforce and met with him when Jay was in England. Jay was instrumental in forging anti-slavery bills in New York and formed institutions of learning for slaves and ex-slaves.
-Karl Crantz; Nineveh, N.Y.

As a founding member of the Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals, Wilberforce is a model for contemporary evangelicals. We can and should display God's compassion over all He has made, both humans and animals. Sadly, the latter is ignored in the evangelical community today.
-Craig DiBenedictis; Brick, N.J.

Despite a slight cold, I went with my mom to see Amazing Grace. The film pulled no punches about slavery and did a great job of putting us in the historical background.
-Phillip L. Peacock; Leander, Texas

Fighting fire with gas

Your coverage of the annual Academy Awards was most enlightening ("Oscar madness," Feb. 24). Hollywood has long ceased to reward quality and now only pats itself on the back for its immorality and leftist political agendas. What concerns me is that a large percentage of that box-office revenue comes from the pockets of Christians, and the profits support causes to which we are diametrically opposed. We may as well be fighting a fire with gasoline.
-Bob Moore; Houston, Texas

Knows the world

After reading your interview with author Andrew Klavan ("Too nice for vice?" Feb. 10), I got copies of his books, Shotgun Alley and Damnation Street. Your warning about the graphic nature of these books is well-founded, but I'm glad I read them. Klavan sees through the vain philosophies of man: romanticism, naturalism, and positivism. He knows the world for what it is, and now he knows our Savior. Praise God!
-Rich Asper; Watertown, S.D.


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