Wounded warriors

"Wounded warriors" Continued...

Issue: "Why Grey matters," March 17, 2007

Camp Pendleton, a large Marine Corps base on the West Coast, has followed Camp Lejuene's lead and now has its own version of the Wounded Warrior barracks. Next month the units are set to become the two battalions of the new Wounded Warrior Regiment, which will be based at Marine Corps Base Quantico in Virginia. Some 54 staff members will help oversee the barracks on both coasts, tracking wounded Marines and connecting them with resources across the country.

Siebenthal says he's pleased with Quantico's eagerness to take on the project. The staff will re-evaluate the system in six months and make necessary adjustments. "That's not usually the Marine Corps way," says Siebenthal, noting that the Corps typically sticks rigidly to set structure. "But they're recognizing the need for flexibility in these situations."

Rosborough says the barracks at Camp Lejeune already needs something else: more room. The unit is making plans for a new 200-bed barracks, but will make do with available space until then. As President Bush's troop surge sends more Marines to Iraq, Rosborough says the barracks is preparing for more wounded: "We're going to get a lot busier."

Jamie Dean
Jamie Dean

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