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Romancing the corn

"Romancing the corn" Continued...

Issue: "Tortilla wars," March 10, 2007

Rodin spoke confidently of "the beginning of the new face of democracy in Mexico," which, more than ever, he sees as an us-versus-them country: Democracy means winning an election and then doing unto others what has been done unto them. Mexico will be, in his words, even more a country of poor and rich, of laborers and businessmen, of black and white, of a widened income gap-until a revolution comes.

People like Rodin make Adolfo Barajas nervous: "If it's not corn for them, then it's something else-but always something. We agree, now, that Calderón must change things. But I disagreed when Obrador said he was the real president. . . . His ideas are not good for Mexico."

Barajas has been around long enough to see unrest and earthquakes rock his city, youthful ideals fade, and Mexico's democracy flounder. And he won't be surprised to see a revolution founded on the price of a tortilla.


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