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Issue: "Why Grey matters," March 17, 2007


I was very impressed with Mike Huckabee as a presidential candidate ("Marathon man," Feb. 17). His transition from a fatty to a marathoner demonstrated great strength of character and his positions are right on. But saying that students should be exposed to both "evolution [and] creationism," is a sure loser. It frames the issue as a Bible vs. science conflict, instead of a scientific debate between Intelligent Design and Darwinism.
-John Wiester; Buellton, Calif.

The last time America elected a president whose highest qualification was senator was in 1960 when JFK squeaked by Nixon. Five such senators (Goldwater, McGovern, Mondale, Dole, Kerry) have obtained a major party nomination since then, and all five of them have lost. On the other hand, former governors have won seven of the last eight elections for president, the exception being Gov. Dukakis' loss to Vice President Bush in 1988. If we want a winner, we need to demand executive experience.
-Christopher Stover; Falls Church, Va.

No change

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This Episcopal/Anglican schism is not about ordaining homosexuals, it is about ordaining non-Christians ("No pain, no gain," Feb. 17). The liberals claim legitimacy due to a historical connection to the Book of Common Prayer and other Anglican documents that do stress biblical inerrancy, but their real religion has been crafted as they go. They say Jesus is not the only way to God, the resurrection is a metaphor, the Holy Spirit takes them on a new trajectory-this is all heresy. Peter Akinola of Nigeria threatens to bolt the communion if they don't change? Does anyone believe the heretics will change?
-Andrew Engelman; Stuart, Fla.

Miracle of life

Regarding "Miracle worker" (Feb. 17): Our pastor, in a recent sermon, defined a miracle as an intervention into nature. He also said that if you are a Christian, you have witnessed a miracle. We all die, but Christ's intervention into the natural world, by dying for us, constitutes a miracle since we live on with Him in eternity. I guess I hadn't thought of it that way before.
-Teri Larsen; Hammond, Wis.


Regarding Utah's passage of a school voucher bill ("Salt Lake salvo," Feb. 17): Public and private education is going to improve in Utah.
-Leo Allard; Oklahoma City, Okla.

What kids are made of

I found it ironic that Lynn Vincent ("He sent, she sent," Feb. 17) characterized the sending of Silly String to U.S. troops in Iraq as inherently male when the idea first sprang from a woman, Marcelle Shriver. The article also mentioned that Shauna Fleming has a black belt in Tae Kwon Do, unusual for a "sugar and spice" girl. Perhaps the distinction between "puppy dogs' tails" and "all that's nice" is not so clear cut.
-Abigail Murdy, 17; Middleboro, Mass.

Utterly aghast

I was utterly aghast reading "Forgive us their trespass" (Feb. 17). According to Gaetan Roy, the Chinese have "never forgotten the harm we did to them." Has he never read any of the harrowing accounts of Christians during the Boxer Rebellion, many of whom suffered unimaginable privations, endured periods of terrifying captivity, and witnessed the slaughter of thousands of believers? Perhaps China ought to be repenting!
-Kathy White; Cato, N.Y.

China bender

Regarding the Feb. 17 Buzz item about China's ban on ads featuring pigs to avoid offending Muslims: Personally, I found the article a bit frightening. I was aware that Muslims were pressuring European countries and the United States, but I did not think it had gotten to a point where a country like China would be forced to bend. Christians and Heartland Americans had better wake up.
-Chuck Hankinson; Eure, N.C.

No doubt

Thank you for "Judgment calls" (Feb. 17). I had to make such a call on a simple yet complicated decision over which I lost a long-time friendship. I've often wondered if I had judged too harshly and could have compromised, especially when other Christians told me I was being judgmental. But if my decision is based on the Word of God, then I should have no doubt.
-Christina Need; Front Royal, Va.

Promoting propaganda

The name of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change ("Cooling trend," Feb. 17) tells its purpose. The report was a propaganda effort. Rather than being awed by "math models," let's consider that Greenland is called that because the earth was warm enough 1,000 years ago that Vikings were farming there, and that wasn't because of industrial activity or carbon dioxide levels.
-Peter G. Malone; St. Charles, Ill.

Appearance of belief

Hagiographies of George Washington may sell well to many American Christians ("Faith of the father," Feb. 17), but other biographers tell a different story. Far be it from me to deny Washington a seat at the heavenly table, but he avoided partaking in communion, seldom mentioned Jesus Christ by name, and was a very active Mason.
-Duran Perkins; Wyncote, Pa.


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