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Issue: "Tortilla wars," March 10, 2007

There is an abandonment mentality that pervades black culture, and one of its many tragic consequences is abortion. It seems to me that the black abortion rate will not improve until black fathers stop impregnating and then deserting women who are not their wives. A pro-life message won't get the job done.
-Dave Parker; Key West, Fla.

Does it really matter if abortion takes one-third or half of black pregnancies, or how many black women have abortions versus how many white women? If any baby, red or yellow, black or white, is aborted, it is one too many.
-Kimberley Cotten; Spanish Fort, Ala.

Klavan and clay

I can't tell you how much I enjoyed Marvin Olasky's interview with mystery writer Andrew Klavan ("Too nice for vice?" Feb. 10). I had never heard of him before and I'm so grateful for Klavan's Christian voice in the world of mainstream fiction.
-Sarah-Ann Byron; Gardner, Mass.

Klavan observed that some Christians "make a mistake by placing God in opposition to science-it's like pitting Him against His own creation. But by the same token, the greatness of science-the purity of its materialism-is also its limitation." Indeed. Should the clay dictate to the Potter? God is both in His creation and its Sustainer and Master.
-Anthony R. Kopec; Eatonville, Wash.

Eating its own

State-sponsored gambling preys on the addictive potentialities of the state's own citizens ("'Out came this calf,'" Feb. 10). Gambling is motivated by only two desires: greed, and the repeated adrenaline rush that anticipates the possible satisfaction of greed.
-Jack Brooks; Georgetown, Ky.

My cousin, a bank president, tells me that many, many seniors have gambled away their life savings. Society will take care of these people eventually, so we are paying for their gambling. My husband's biological father was a gambler. Although he had a good job, his family lived in a literal tarpaper shack without running water or electricity. I don't think we can easily put this genie of state-sponsored gambling back into the bottle. Surely we should not expand it.
-Kathleen Isaacson; Iron, Minn.

Debated to death

Joel Belz wrote in "Evangelical steamroller" (Feb. 3) that some NAE leaders, like their secular counterparts, think "the discussion is over and that it's time for action" on global warming. It's too bad that Christians can't muster the same attitude toward issues that have been debated to death such as homosexuality, the sanctity of marriage, abortion, the Islamic War against the West, the defense of Christianity, etc.
-Paul Hair; Dillsburg, Pa.

On the mark

As usual when my WORLD came, I turned first to Andrée Seu's column ("Sharing the freight," Jan. 27). It was right on the mark, crafted with precision and grace. This week it also exactly answered the problem my church elder has just asked me to ponder with him.
-Char Decker; Frankfort, Mich.

I love your magazine. When we get it, we fight over who gets it first. I go straight to the political cartoons or to the movie reviews.
-Luke Rope, 13; Vaughn, Mont.


The soldiers in the photos accompanying "Surge protection" (Feb. 17) are from the 5th Battalion, 20th Infantry Regiment, 2nd Infantry Division (p. 20) and from the 82nd Airborne's 2nd Battalion, 325th Infantry Regiment (p. 21).

The website for Dalit Freedom Network is, and the national director of Dalit education for Operation Mercy Charitable Company is Albert Lael ("Let my people go," Feb. 24, p. 16).


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