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Issue: "'Infidel'," March 3, 2007

Reich's desire for regulation of homeschooling may indeed be to promote a "cultural hegemony." Homeschooling should be regulated in some way, but for a different reason. To assume that thousands of parents are suddenly credentialed to teach their children all subjects for all of the grades from K-12 is naïve at best and foolish at worst. While many homeschoolers do excel, many others slide by with no accountability.
-Aaron Hoak; Bremen, Ind.

I appreciated the column about Reich's and Shortt's opinions on homeschooling. I'm a homeschooler and very familiar with the stereotypes. Many people see us as timid, sheltered freaks with bad social skills. This judgmental opinion used to bother me a lot. However, I've come to learn that first, it's not true, and second, this is right where God wants me. As long as I'm following His will, it doesn't matter what people think.
-Carmen Schlosser, 17; Winchester, Va.

What it's called

I had an unfair advantage when I got to "Name that president" (Jan. 27). Having lived through World War II as a grade-school child, I recognized instantly the profile of FDR in the silhouette, before starting to read. However much our father disagreed with him in politics, our family recognized and honored his strong leadership as our president in wartime. This is called patriotism.
-Bernice Krahn; Fairfield, Idaho

Tailoring sheep suits

To obscure biblical truths dealing with life and marriage for the sake of elevating a political party to power ("Faith-based campaigning," Jan. 27) is not only disingenuous, it is a danger to individuals and society. Those political advisors (to say nothing of those who hired them) who claim to be followers of Christ and craft such deception are tailoring sheep's clothing for wolves.
-Bruce Henne; Kenosha, Wis.

I was somewhat disappointed with Joshua DeBois' assertion that there is a "constitutional and clear separation of church and state embedded in the fabric of our country." As Barack Obama's director of religious affairs, DeBois should be well aware that indeed there is not a constitutional separation of church and state. Whether or not the American people are confused on this point (as DeBois has demonstrated) is another issue.
-Rebekah Hamilton, 16; Tulsa, Okla.

Man's dark heart

"Cross-culture wars" (Jan. 13) was both truthful and disturbing. American culture is digressing into a morass of moral degeneracy, but for Muslims to insinuate that Islamic nations would be free of the same, but for Western influence, is wrong. Every society is plagued by moral decay, not because it is imported, but because of the nature of man's dark heart. Neither Western nor Islamic societies will be salvaged from the trash heaps of immorality unless and until the hearts of men are changed through Jesus Christ.
-Edna Kent; Missoula, Mont.

The 10 attitudes

I find it very hard to accept that a Christian would support the IBO curriculum ("One-world education," Jan. 13). It is based on the humanist worldview and is antithetical to the Christian worldview. It replaces the Ten Commandments with the 10 humanist values of IBO-UNESCO, referred to as the "attitudes and values" that are central to the IBO curriculum.
-Richard W. Hawkins; Lake Havasu City, Ariz.


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