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Interview with Bart Campolo

"Interview with Bart Campolo" Continued...

WORLD: How many young adult volunteers could you have, given your budget restraints?

Campolo: If someone called me and said they would have 1,000 kids ready in three months, I'd say no problem. There's no shortage of poor neighborhoods where a team of seven young people couldn't move in and just fit in to what is already going on-tutor in public schools, visit hospitals. There's not like there's a shortage of places that couldn't use those kinds of loving neighbors.

Most of our kids raise a significant amount of their support before coming to the program from their home churches. The issue for Mission Year isn't that if we could only raise more money. The issue has always been if we could find a way to convince more young people to set aside a year of their lives to live among the poor. There are plenty of neighborhoods to work in; there are plenty of solid churches that would be thrilled to have them for a year. There's even enough money. We just don't have enough people who want to serve.


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