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Issue: "'Into captivity they shall go'," Feb. 24, 2007

Much of the movies and most radio music make romantic love more than it should be. I have said for years to my daughters, "The secret to a great marriage is lots of girlfriends."
-Wendy Hinman; Carlsbad, Calif.

Lighten up

"Classroom Christianity" (Jan. 27) mentions that the bookstore at UNC Chapel Hill carries copies of A Field Guide to Evangelicals and Their Habitat as an example of anti-evangelical bias at the school, claiming that the book "crassly lampoons evangelical beliefs and practices." However, the author is a Christian satirist whose work has provided hours of amusement for me and quite a few other evangelicals.
-Jonathan W. Wilson; Syracuse, N.Y.

Carter's courage

Jimmy Carter has courage ("Spreading conflict," Jan. 27). Why can't we be pro-Israeli and pro-Palestinian? Well-meaning but misled Christian Zionists share some of the blame because of their naïve and unquestioning support of Israel and their mindless hostility toward Palestinians.
-Ralph Lord Roy; Plantsville, Conn.

What the doctor ordered

After reading PATMOS Clinic founder Robert Berry's ("Robert's rules," Jan. 20) testimony to Congress, I agree that this could be the greatest thing to happen to health care. He lays out how his practice, and others similar to his, save time and money, not only for the patient but also the doctors and the economy as a whole. I especially like how he compares health insurance with car insurance. Do you carry car insurance to cover the costs of oil changes and brake jobs? We expect health care to cover these expenses on our bodies.
-Jonathan Magee; Fort Worth, Texas

Reach out-or not

Marvin Olasky, in his debate with Dinesh D'Souza ("A question of linkage," Jan. 13), takes exception to the premise that American conservatives can make meaningful alliances with Islamic conservatives. But I am convinced that our difficulties in Iraq are a direct result of our failure to "know our enemy." We have made a big mistake by failing to reach out to moderate Muslims in the United States and in foreign lands, and by not taking into account the long history of this conflict. Let us pray it is not too late for a mid-course correction.
-S.T. Bogan; Norman, Okla.

Proclaiming our allegiance to Judeo-Christian values will not reduce anti-Americanism among Muslims. Islam is not compatible with democracy, and they will hate the West no matter what we do. Shariah is Muhammad's law, not God's.
-Rachel Garcia; San Antonio, Texas


Happily N'Ever After was produced by Vanguard Productions and the German animation house BAF (The Buzz, Jan. 20, p. 12).


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