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Issue: "Marathon man," Feb. 17, 2007


I thoroughly enjoy Grease: You're the One That I Want! ("Hopelessly promoted," Jan. 20). This reality show is an improvement over others I've seen in that the rejections are kind, the judges seem interested in the success of the show as well as the contestants, and the demeanor of all is clean. I watch very little TV, but the music of Grease drew me to try this one out.
-Carole Hutchings; Rathdrum, Idaho

Fight precisely

Precision attacks throughout the world where al-Qaeda cells and other terrorists exist is how the "War on Terror" should be fought ("Begin again," Jan. 20). The disaster in Iraq has wasted hundreds of billions of dollars that could be used to fund spying on, infiltrating, seeking, and destroying terrorists wherever they crop up. The Iraq War has nothing to do with the War on Terror and is probably the greatest debacle in U.S. history.
-Jonathan V. Hall; Bellingham, Wash.

Good question

It is good to see the money appropriated for mosquito and malaria control in a measurable way ("Malaria milestone," Jan. 13). We have a daughter on her way to Kisumu, Kenya, in the hotbed of malaria and HIV. I'm hoping the efforts will continue and step up as time goes on. One question our family asks: "Why did God make mosquitoes?"
-Kristi Gilsdorf; Fort Collins, Colo.

The more you know

Thank you for "Ford and faith" (Jan. 13). It was wonderful to read about how Ford became president and what he did with his presidency. I was born after his campaign and have found that the more I learn about him, the more I begin to understand the loss.
-Holly Johnson; Stephens City, Va.

Of all I have read about Gerald Ford, I was most impressed with the high esteem in which he held his family. It is a shame he received such undeserved criticism and rejection for his pardon of Richard Nixon.
-Craig Pruitt; Texarkana, Texas

On target

Bravo to Marvin Olasky for resisting the temptation to quisling-like appeasement of Muslims ("A question of linkage," Jan. 13). Conservative Muslims believe it is Allah's will to bring Islamic law to the world, and they don't believe forced religion is counterproductive. If there's going to be change, it will have to be within the Muslim community.
-Patrick McIntyre; Mammoth Spring, Ark.

Sometimes preventative

Thank you for your godly and insightful reviews on the world of entertainment. Your articles and reviews are always informative and sometimes preventative, in that I will think twice before seeing a movie if it gets a bad review.
-Whitney Tatum, 16; Shippensburg, Pa.


Juan Williams states in his book Enough that "Too many of today's black leaders have less to do with 'blood of martyrs' than with 'blood money,' the equivalent of the thirty pieces of silver handed to Judas" ("Descent into destruction," Feb. 3, p. 33).


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