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Issue: "Faith-based campaigning," Jan. 27, 2007

Not so simple

How can someone justify being a "transgender" person ("Pick and choose," Dec. 9)? It may seem like a simple solution to their troubles, but they don't appreciate that God made them who they are and can accomplish His purposes through them.
-Joel Beavin; Berryville, Va.

A matter of time

Regarding Joel Belz's growing uncertainty about the war in Iraq ("Over there," Dec. 9): There were naysayers in the 1930s, too, who felt that FDR was wrong to get us into World War II when we were attacked by the Japanese. If we do not take the fight to the radical Muslims, they will be here. It's just a matter of time. Too many in America do not think this is possible and are in denial. The free world is in a fight for existence. What will it take to break the back of this enemy? We can't roll over and give up.
-Al Wychers; Jamestown, Mich.

The terrorists really do want to kill us. Iraq is the battleground, and the war is global. We either fight them until we win, or we will be defeated by our lack of willpower.
-Ken Babington; Cocoa Beach, Fla.

Beating religiozniki

I recently read Sergei Kourdakov's autobiography, The Persecutor, recounting his work for the KGB ransacking secret churches and beating the religiozniki (believers). Eventually he was saved and defected to Canada, where he spoke out publicly against the persecution of Russian Christians. In 1973 he was shot and killed at a ski resort with a gun he had borrowed from a friend. The death was ruled an accident, but I couldn't help associating his demise with other Mother Russia--related deaths described in "From Russia with hate" (Dec. 9).
-Richard Walther; Houston, Texas


Wayne Grudem sounds like he comprehends well the church's drift from God as it submits to feminist theology ("Dangerous first step," Nov. 25). The church's drift is only mimicking the moral decline of our society as it submitted to feminism.
-Chuck Roehrich; Grand Island, Neb.

I disagreed with some of the views Grudem expressed in "Dangerous first step." I am a young woman, and God has called me to vocational ministry. Although I strongly agree that feminism in churches and homes is unbiblical, leading to un-Christian liberalism, I believe that women have a bigger teaching role than he allows. Yes, the church should only be headed and led by godly, ordained men, but women may "prophesy," and I understand the spiritual gift of prophecy to be the proclaiming of God's truth to people.
-Jessica Gibbens; Westover, Ala.

Light bulb's on now

I have been moderately dissatisfied by the homepages of my various internet service providers, but the light bulb finally went on today. I looked up your site, breathed a sigh of relief, and changed my homepage to your address. We have been happy subscribers for many years now, and I have no clue why it took me so long to have the thought.
-Jason Dohm; Rolesville, N.C.

Please cancel my trial subscription. The last straw was the year-end issue.
-Charlene F. Pinkava; Brookings, S.D.


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