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Issue: "Hope or hype?," Jan. 20, 2007

As a children's book editor and mother, I was very happy to see the recent article devoted to children's literature. However, I was disappointed that the contributors included very few nonfiction books among their favorites. Elizabeth Mann's The Brooklyn Bridge and Peter Busby's First to Fly: How Wilbur & Orville Wright Invented the Airplane represent a relatively new but exciting genre of educational picture books with wonderful art. And then there are the biographies of Christians, such as Martin Luther by Paul L. Maier. While they haven't been around long enough for many people to know about them, I do think they will become favorites for many in the next generations.
-Emil Whitten; Nashville, Tenn.

My siblings and I have enjoyed the Hank the Cowdog books for years ("Dog's best friend," Dec. 2). They are hilarious and entertaining for all 10 of us. Erickson takes ordinary events and turns them into comedy. Thanks for giving Hank the recognition he deserves.
-Abbi Peterson, 12; Spokane, Wash.

Good deeds

I am in grade 7 and think it's a good thing for President Bush to act on his Christian values even when he's criticized ("Uncovering deeds of darkness," Dec. 2). I am grateful for a president who believes in God. Bush's stand for religious freedom is obviously making a difference. I am glad America is free; however, I am sad so much persecution is going on. We should remember to pray for him.
-Peter Hilbert; Portland, Ore.


I am not a feminist, but I am appalled at Wayne Grudem's comment that the Bible restricts leadership to men in the home and the church but not in business or other areas of life ("Dangerous first step," Nov. 25). Is Mr. Grudem suggesting that women can be strong leaders in the business and political community but silent in church (unless we are teaching women only, that is)? That I can share the gospel with a man in my workplace, but if I meet that same man in my church I am not allowed to speak? Should I keep my mouth shut in the small group my husband and I host in our home lest the men construe my words as "teaching"?
-Anita Aurit; Sandpoint, Idaho

"Dangerous first steps" is the best defense of male leadership in the home and in the church that I have ever read. It will certainly please many who take the Bible seriously.
-Gerry Vellenga; Grand Rapids, Mich.

Clarification and correction

Many bloggers and media critics have accused Salam Daher ("News of the year: Wars and rumors of wars," Dec. 30, p. 24) of staging photographs.

The name of a Minneapolis program for homeless Native people, "Kola," is the Lakota word for "friend" ("House calls to the homeless," Dec. 23, p. 30).


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