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Issue: "Endings & beginnings," Jan. 13, 2007

What does it mean to live as a member of the opposite gender? In such a system, all a man has to do to change his gender to a woman is declare that he is a woman without changing anything about the way he acts, speaks, or dresses. If anyone can define for himself what it means to be a man or a woman, then male and female have no meaning.
-Paul Hair; Dillsburg, Pa.

My children can't quite grasp why the word queer in their books (published prior to the '70s) means unusual, but in conversation it means something quite different. Gay isn't cheerful anymore and truth isn't fact, but the culmination of an individual's emotional experiences. A person's "gender" means anatomy, not feelings. Those who would encourage the use of such terminology are as confused as the people they are attempting to define.
-Lori Parziale; Alexandria, Va.

Attempting to redefine family is not only destructive to all but, more fundamentally, attempts to destroy the reason the biblical family is crucial: God is our Father and we Christians are His children ("Experimental kids," Dec. 9). No other "alternative family model" can work well because our Father designed the family. How could anyone willing to look at the results of variations on God's design still honestly think alternative approaches may work as successfully?
-Ken Howard; Eagle Creek, Ore.

"Experimental kids" is a sad commentary on our culture. The article comments that homosexual partners who choose parenthood are putting their interests ahead of the child's. However, the traditional family faces similar conflicts of interest. We choose day care, government schools, and electronic babysitters to occupy our children's time. Meanwhile, we focus on our careers, self-fulfillment, and accumulation of things. Homes become simply a pit stop in the rat race of life. When we begin spending real time together, we will find the heart of family. Only then will we have something of value to say about families, to a culture where anything goes.
-Shar Barkdoll; Houghton, Mich.


I went to see The Nativity Story not expecting much after reading several reviews ("What would Luke write," Dec. 2). I came away with a smile that wouldn't let up, with a heart rejoicing afresh in such an amazing Savior, and a new appreciation for those who helped usher Him into this world. I loved the actors and was touched by the tender relationship between Mary and Joseph.
-Annamarie Mangum; San Marcos, Texas

What a joke

After throwing away a chance to finally bring this country back to the Constitution, some Republicans are blocking pork spending ("Pork chops," Dec. 9)? What a joke, and a bad one at that. The opportunity of a generation has been squandered by so-called conservative Republicans. I fear the chance will never come again for America.
-David M. Berman; Richmond, N.H.

One wonders . . .

Regarding opposition to ads for The Nativity Story ("Quotables," Dec. 9): What do people think we are celebrating at this time of year? I don't know of any government protection from being offended.
-Steven E. McElwain Sr.; Newark Valley, N.Y.


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