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"Mailbag" Continued...

Issue: "2006 Daniels of the Year," Dec. 16, 2006

Open wide

"Shake hands with an old enemy" (Nov. 18), about Daniel Ortega's return to power in Nicaragua, reminds me of High Noon, where the judge admonishes Marshal Kane: "In the fifth century b.c., the citizens of Athens, having suffered grievously under a tyrant, managed to depose and banish him. Yet when he returned some years later with an army of mercenaries, those same citizenss . . . opened the gates for him."
-Al Shumard; Radford, Va.

What we deserve?

Ordinary mortals share many of the same goals and values we as Christ-followers are quick to claim as our very own. So it sounds pompous when we make assertions like, for example, Joel Belz's comment that "common grace is primarily an undeserved spill-over benefit for those who reject God Himself" ("Deceptive truths," Nov. 11). No wonder they don't like us-are any of us getting what we deserve?
-Arlene Huie; Mission Viejo, Calif.

Uncounted murders

Regarding violent crime stats, about how St. Louis is both home to the World Series-winning Cardinals and the most dangerous city in the country (The Buzz, Nov. 11): Does the data also include the murder rate of unborn babies? If not, shouldn't it?
-Mark Hissong; Kingsport, Tenn.

Standing up

I think it is great that Lisa Thompson is standing up against the abuse of women and girls ("The abolitionist," Nov. 4), especially when it is a topic that most people avoid or aren't aware of.
-Kirsten Guz-Montgomery; Winchester, Va.

More common sense

In summary, Joel Belz's "Common-sense solution" (Nov. 4) is "roll out the welcome mat" but then deny illegal immigrants the necessities of life. I think I need to look up the definition of "common sense." Really, wouldn't it make more sense and be more humane to erect something at the border to prevent them from endangering their own lives and getting into this mess?
-Walter Stansbury; Boyne City, Mich.

This column makes my intellectual blood boil. Tanksley argues that the border cannot be physically secured and then makes the case for law enforcement in the areas of transportation, housing, and employment. But communities have already shown a logistic inability to enforce these issues. We have the resources to secure the border; we should do so, then offer the ultimate amnesty program: All people illegally in the United States must return to their country at their own expense, with no lingering malice from America, and then begin the process to immigrate legally and assimilate into our culture.
-Lawrence German; Louisville, Ky.


I agree with "Causes and effects" (Oct. 21) wholeheartedly, especially the last paragraph about whether a particular chemical "causes" cancer, and whether the "causes" of sin are things other than the human heart. I think most people do not want to look within themselves and truly find fault. They want a bandage to help the hurt, and they just keep on going, doing the same things over and over until the bandage needs serious attention.
-Jolene McCord; Lampasas, Texas


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