Mountains and West

"Mountains and West" Continued...

Issue: "Demsnami," Nov. 4, 2006


Montana voters might kick Republican Sen. Conrad Burns out of office simply because he embarrasses them. The aging Senate veteran has put his foot in his mouth numerous times during the 2006 election season. Opponent Jon Tester's everyman appeal appears vibrant next to Burns' verbal miscues, which have gained wide circulation through YouTube videos. In a video titled "Conrad Burns' Naptime," a drowsy Burns nods off during an Agriculture Committee field hearing.

  • Burns (R)
  • Tester (D)


Republicans might have lost the race when former gubernatorial candidate Dino Rossi declined to run against first-term Democratic Sen. Maria Cantwell. Rossi's strong showing in 2004 gave Washington Republicans a spark-something former Safeco CEO and Republican challenger Mike McGavick has struggled to replicate. During the summer, Cantwell did an admirable job rallying the strong Democratic base across the state.

  • McGavick (R)
  • Cantwell (D)


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