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Issue: "Demsnami," Nov. 4, 2006

Permission granted

I've "packed the pews," knocked on strangers' doors, dragged people kicking and screaming through the Four Spiritual Laws, and watched most of them walk the aisle and out the church door, never to return. For me, all those methods were painfully awkward. After enduring decades of well-meaning extroverts trying to "fix" me, I bless you for giving me permission to be an introvert ("Evangelism for introverts," Oct. 7).
-Kathryn Presley; Bryan, Texas

I concur wholly with Mike Bechtle's acceptance of e-mail as a legitimate evangelistic tool. As an individual who uses "e-mail [as] a tool, not a crutch," I labor long and hard in researching and crafting my messages before sending them. Much e-mail abuse is due to the hordes who thoughtlessly forward inanities, ad nauseam, and urge their recipients to do likewise.
-Peter Kushkowski; Portland, Conn.

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So was Jesus a friendship evangelist who simply hoped that people would see what a great life He lived and everyone would long for what He had? How about the fact that He was mocked, spit on, beaten, and crucified for the life He lived and the Word He proclaimed?
-James Lee; Westland, Mich.

I think the interview was wonderful, being very much an introvert myself and having concluded long ago that most churches that are strong on evangelism tend to think the ideal Christian is an extrovert. It's important to take the time and trouble to develop the relationship, not just spring the gospel message on someone the first time you get the chance.
-Pauline Evans; Muscatine, Iowa

Defending the pope

Thanks to Joel Belz for "Missing the pope's point" (Oct. 7). Although I am thoroughly Protestant, I respected Pope John Paul and now Pope Benedict. I have prayed for them as they play a crucial role in defending Christian truth and the veracity of Scripture in a world that, as Francis Schaeffer taught us, is post-Christian.
-June Ruyle; Sun City West, Ariz.

Belz is the one who missed the point. With Muslims, there is no discussion, no dialogue. Of course the pope was correct in his premise, but he should have realized the consequences of voicing it.
-Don Curtice; Bloomfield, N.Y.

Westerners did indeed miss the pope's point, especially contemporary evangelical Christianity. The pope assumed a level of understanding that is not generally present in our culture. Another issue is the tacit reluctance of some within the evangelical camp, the avoidance of things "Catholic" lest this further rapprochement with the Roman Catholic Church. We should be defending our brother in Christ.
-Dave Costilow; Chillicothe, Ohio

Just before reading "Missing the pope's point," my wife and I passed the marquee of an evangelical church that read, "Have a nice day, Compliments . . . God." This off-hand, almost smart-alecky irreverence seems to characterize so much of evangelical Christianity. Not until we recognize that God is awe-inspiring and holy will we have the right to speak to Muslims about Him.
-Randy Kleine; Milford, Ohio

Reason enough

I speak regularly on abstinence in public middle and high schools, and find that it is rare that the kids have even heard of HPV, much less know that it is the most common STD out there ("Stalking a silent killer," Oct. 7). While I don't believe in mandatory vaccinations, I do believe Christian parents need to see that their teen daughters, even those who have held on to their purity, get the vaccine. Why? Recently two of my friends lived through the tragedy of the date-rape of their daughters. That's reason enough for me.
-Tori Libby; West Chicago, Ill.

I am livid that the federal Vaccines for Children program is distributing Gardasil with my tax dollars. This is yet another tool that the enemy of people's souls will use to promote unsafe, ungodly sex.
-Alicia T. Hoesch; San Diego, Calif.

Thank you for your article on HPV. It was very well done. I work for a Pregnancy Resource Center and we've put your article out for all the staff and volunteers to read. The recent TV commercials have only added to the confusion regarding this deadly virus. Not every woman can get it; those who save sex for marriage and are faithful in marriage won't. Thank you for not remaining silent about this silent killer.
-Jana Finley; Joshua, Texas

I was very surprised at how undereducated you reported the general population to be with respect to HPV. At the public high school I attended, information about HPV and its connection to cervical cancer, as well as how it can be transmitted, were part of our regular health class curriculum.
-Kasey Craig; Houston, Texas


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