East and South

"East and South" Continued...

Issue: "Demsnami," Nov. 4, 2006
  • Kean (R)
  • Menendez (D)


Former Chattanooga mayor Bob Corker couldn't seem to get any traction in the conservative state following his primary victory. But in the last few months, the Republican has made up large amounts of ground and pulled even with Democratic opponent Harold Ford Jr., who critics say has run one of the year's smartest and strongest campaigns.

  • Corker (R)
  • Ford (D)

Rhode Island

Rhode Island Sen. Lincoln Chafee's guilt by association with President Bush is in name only. In liberal New England, an "R" next to a candidate's name is a scarlet letter, but no other GOP politician has stuck it to Bush like Chafee has. That hasn't stopped Democratic challenger Sheldon Whitehouse from trying to associate the New England Republican with the conservative president.

  • Chafee (R)
  • Whitehouse (D)


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