Hard Knox

"Hard Knox" Continued...

Issue: "Effective compassion," Sept. 2, 2006

Her mentor, Brenda Kearns, was "her cheerleader" through the grieving process, and "spending time with the three other women in my class two nights a week truly made me realize that there could be more to my life than grief. It was like being in an airplane when you break through the clouds and finally begin to see the sunshine peek through, and you realize that God has been there all along."

When an administrative assistant's position opened up at A Hand Up, McCarter applied, and in July she celebrated her one-year work anniversary:

"I love being able to pat these women on the back and touch their lives. I've been desperate and felt alone like they have. I've struggled, maybe not with drugs or alcoholism, but I know loneliness, and I can help. We're all sisters here."


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