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Issue: "Stealth care," Sept. 16, 2006

Kierstyn's Politically Incorrect Zone blog has a conservative mission: "To influence at least my readers and show them the 'right' angle." For example, she recently discussed the problem of judicial activism and presented both a biblical and a constitutional evaluation of the situation. She enjoys blogging because "I like knowing that in some small way, I am making a difference and I am saying what needs to be said." For Kierstyn, like the others, apathy is the enemy: "We aren't willing to act on our beliefs and stand for what we believe."

Taking a stand will probably take Kierstyn even further into politics, but for now she's content to engage in campaigns and use her blog to "make other people think."

Tim Sweetman, 16


An avid soccer fan and guitar player whose favorite movies include Gods and Generals and The Chronicles of Narnia, Tim began Agent Tim Online as a place to post thoughts on his devotionals. His mission now is to offer a biblical perspective on political and cultural issues, and-like the Harris twins-lead a rebellion against rebellion. "We've got to stop just rebelling against previous generations," Tim says: "We've got to stop being brain-dead, walking around with cell phones in our ears like pacifiers."

Tim works at a Chick-fil-A front counter and drive-thru and says that his goal is to "live a revolutionary, regenerate life. Go above today's low standards, the modern expectations of rebelling against parents, of dressing and acting a certain way: rebel against that every day." Tim says blogging has contributed to his education: "I can look at what I wrote when I was 13 and then look at my writing now and there is a huge gap," Tim says. "Now I can talk about issues, I can hold an opinion and argue a point, and I can also network with like-minded teens."

Although it's been hard to get over nasty e-mails and angry comments, Tim says he has also learned to respond intelligently to different worldviews and relate constructively to people through discussion rather than through argument. For him, dealing with people is an important issue; one of his goals is to have the humility to "be able to turn the conversation to talk about the other person."

Robert Wood, 16


His voice is soft and his manner reserved, but "Palm Boy" (as he is known on his blog) has a quick laugh and a penchant for politics. A Boy Scout and a book lover (including Star Wars-"all 40 of 'em"-State of Fear, and Tom Clancy books), Robert enjoys robots, engineering, and history. His blog, Pushing Back the Frontiers of Ignorance, aims for just that: "I'm a news junkie. We as teenagers will be voting soon, and most of us don't know why to vote what we vote, other than family associations (like 'My father is Republican, therefore I'll vote Republican'). My blog is about informing people."

Robert plans eventually to join the Marines, and he is also thinking about political science and videography (primarily videotaping weddings) as possible professions.

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