Taking it to the states

"Taking it to the states" Continued...

Issue: "Help on the inside," Aug. 12, 2006

Missouri pro-lifers already have lost a lawsuit challenging the confusing wording of the referendum. Three months away from the election, the odds look good for stem cells and Democrats, and bad for embryos and Republicans. Polls show the Talent-McCaskill race is too close to call. But a recent St. Louis Post-Dispatch poll shows 62 percent of Missourians support the stem-cell amendment, and only 35 percent oppose it.

A cure without cloning

Advances in treating Alzheimer's surface outside the controversy

Scientists in July announced new developments in treating and understanding Alzheimer's disease, an illness which some people claim can be cured by embryonic stem-cell research. The claim is unfounded; many scientists admitted soon after the death of Ronald Reagan that the nature Alzheimer's did not lend itself to treatment from stem cells. The newest research gives patients even more reasons to hope for a cure outside the field of stem-cell research.

  • Drug maker Novartis announced a new Alzheimer's patch that will reduce side effects of the drug Exelon and make it easier for patients to get the medicine they need. The patch not only reduces the nausea associated with the Alzheimer's drug, but also only has to be administered once a day.
  • A Stanford University research team identified a gene that they believe causes Alzheimer's in people with Down syndrome. The researchers say inhibiting the gene's activity might prevent Alzheimer's in all people, not just those who have Down syndrome.
  • Researchers have further established a link between adult-onset diabetes and Alzheimer's disease. The finding adds more evidence to the theory that there might be a way to prevent Alzheimer's by controlling diet and exercise-the same method used to prevent adult-onset diabetes.
Lynde Langdon
Lynde Langdon

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