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Issue: "Mayberry no more," July 29, 2006

Article for faith

Thank you so very much for your article on China ("How Christianity is changing China," June 24). A family member is in the middle of a six-week stay in a large Chinese city learning Chinese and making friends for eternity at a major university. I had emotionally shut down, hardly able to pray for her for fear of the dangers she must be encountering. With little information about the country or communication with her, I had allowed my feelings to be my guiding force rather than faith. Your article encouraged my soul.
-Mary Jane Evans; Montevallo, Ala.

What an encouragement to see that the Chinese government is granting a little freedom, although I am sure there is still much oppression in places. Thank you for going there and giving this great update.
-Connie Newcome; Inman, Kan.

Lukewarm tithers

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I was surprised that Joel Belz was able to find "genuine optimism" in the giving pattern of American Christians ("Stingy givers," June 24). In 1954 Francis Schaeffer referred to the "dead cold giving of most Christians." As I see it, not much has changed.
-Ted Boers; Whitehall, Mich.

I found it unfortunate that "Stingy givers" discussed giving based on after-tax income. First fruits should come off the top, based on gross earnings, not net earnings.
-Matt Yanney; Beavercreek, Ohio

The answer to the New Testament question of how much we owe God is, "Everything we have." We'd be horrified if we were to take on the full biblical ordinance of tithing because, in some cases, we'd have to fork over considerably more than 10 percent.
-Bruce Curtis; Los Osos, Calif.

The high way

Andrée Seu writes, referring to a federal marriage amendment, that the bar for amending the Constitution is high "as it should be" ("Providential mess," June 24). Yes, that's as it should be for honest and honorable people. The trouble is that on marriage and many other issues, the political left is neither honest nor honorable. They have been busy amending the Constitution by unconstitutional means for decades through activist judges and interpretive gymnastics. They want their way, period, and are willing to shove it down everyone's throat by any means they can get away with.
-Michael Martin; Montrose, Colo.

Cars as characters

I had to laugh at your criticism that a lack of people keeps Pixar's new film, Cars, from being "top notch" ("Cartoon car talk," June 24). The fact that all the characters, as cars, can convey emotions in the film is exactly what makes this movie what our family considers one of the best Pixar films yet. Also, this film awesomely portrayed the feel of a NASCAR race. We "car nuts" could have told you that Pixar got it right. Your criticism of Pixar's putting its toe over the line of potty humor and sexual innuendo was accurate, however, and, like you, we hope this isn't the beginning of a trend.
-Ann Freeman; Jacksonville, Fla.

Good looking

I love the new format's fonts and layout. It is a lot cleaner. Thanks.
-Sue Danielson; Edmonds, Wash.

Make my day

As I read Gene Edward Veith's column ("R for religion," June 24), in which he asks why references to Christ are so offensive, I felt a very real sense of excitement. The possibility that "Christianity may become the next sex and violence" is a good thing, a reality check for the church, those who would call themselves authentic believers in Christ Jesus. Go ahead, world, bring it on. There is no way that the world or the dark power behind it can win this battle.
-Phil McAlmond; Albert Lee, Minn.

Second to Snoopy

My name is Audrey and I am 9 years old. My daddy was explaining to me the cartoons in the June 24 issue. The one in the middle showing the new al-Qaeda leader with the target on his shirt was definitely the funniest. (But none are as funny as Snoopy.)
-Audrey White; Durham, N.C.


I found "Ready to rumble" (June 24), about the Take Back America Conference, shocking at first, but then very encouraging. Is this Democratic Party nonsense preparing a big hole for them in 2006 and 2008?
-Robert K. Morris; Atlanta, Ga.

"Ready to rumble" left me in a state of dread of the upcoming November election process. Despite the many challenges our country faces, from immigration to terrorism to overspending, Take Back America offered no solutions. The lack of respect and the inability to offer any viable solutions leaves me wondering what America would look like if the Democrats ever achieved their goals. I pray that Americans vote for people who will stand for righteousness regardless of party affiliation.
-Wayne Rowley; Bradenton, Fla.


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