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"Mailbag" Continued...

Issue: "Wildfire," June 24, 2006

Words and pictures

WORLD has recently presented a sympathetic view of illegals ("The new 'New Colossus,'" "You used to be one," April 15) while striking a condescending tone toward citizens who insist on law enforcement ("Hot issue, hot ad," May 27). Please cancel my subscription, and WORLD will no longer make its way to our school library.
-Michael Owings; Aroda, Va.

Your magazine has been of great service to me. I know of no other publication that deals with world events from a Christian perspective the way you do.
-Eugene Holder; Marietta, Ga.

How does he do it? Week after week, Krieg Barrie proves beyond a doubt that a picture is worth a thousand words-more or less-by providing the perfect complement for each column by Messrs. Belz and Olasky and Mrs. Seu.
-Barbara Curtis; Waterford, Va.

Reasonable ban

I totally disagreed with your article on tobacco ("Nipped in the butt," May 13). I didn't think the Washington smoking ban was radical at all, and there are plenty of other jobs out there for the White Elephant bartender.
-Ryan Tiffany, 13; Louisiana, Mo.

Not OK

Just because a man was "careless, lazy, dismissive and/or demanding" when he was married, it does not make it OK for him to remain that way ("To a young mother," May 13). There is nothing wrong with expecting our husbands to mature in their Christian walk.
-Shea Johnson; Scott City, Mo.

Greed syndrome

Should we be surprised that college students turn to pills to get them through finals and perhaps their whole academic career ("Attention grabber," May 20)? North Americans have a pill for everything because everything has become a "syndrome." Every time the drug companies can identify something as a syndrome, you can hear the sound of cash register bells going off.
-Jim Stephens; Toronto, Ontario


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