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Issue: "Houses divided," June 3, 2006

Physical factors?

I have nothing but compassion for teachers trying to keep order in the classroom and parents wanting the best for their children. But after 24 years of psychological practice, I see little benefit and considerable risk from all of the so-called psychotropic drugs, including the stimulant class used for unruly children ("'Hidden behind the forehead,'" April 29). Sometimes persons labeled ADHD function differently metabolically or otherwise, but this says nothing about causation and whether ADHD is a brain disorder.
-Jeffrey C. Danco; Green Brook, N.J.

Thank you for the article on ADHD testifying to its real physical existence. While inattention or overactivity may be associated with chaotic parenting or failure to learn self-control, the brain is clearly impacted by physical factors. Firm structure and discipline as well as dietary interventions are often preferable to the current wholesale commitment to chronic stimulant medication usage. Having said that, intensive psychological intervention and the prudent use of Ritalin and its offspring are at times essential and literally "a blessing."
-Philip Ranheim; Snohomish, Wash.


Once again, with his column on whether we even want to preserve the society and culture we once had ("Made in the U.S.A." April 29), Mr. Belz has dropped a ton of bricks on us. His seeming pessimism is appropriate.
-Frank W. Russell; Nalcrest, Fla.

Into the abyss

I loved Marvin Olasky's point about the effects of increased government security and contraception on European society ("Multiplier effect," April 22). As a missionary in Austria to people under 30, I have seen it firsthand. There are so few Christians who will actually have more than one child, if they have any at all. My team is attempting to change Christians' worldview, which seems to have slipped into the abyss.
-Matt Rasch; Innsbruck, Austria


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