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Profiles in public service

"Profiles in public service" Continued...

Issue: "A few good men," May 6, 2006

His methods work on Election Day in a predominantly Republican district in a state that last voted for a Democrat for president in 1964. Mr. Souder was elected in the Republican wave of 1994, and he seems to have discouraged potentially strong candidates from running against him. Mr. Souder's opponent this year, Fort Wayne city councilman Tom Hayhurst, has led Mr. Souder in fundraising this year, yet the incumbent is expected to win another term.

"Don't make assumptions that underestimate Mark Souder," says Fort Wayne mayor Graham Richard, a Democrat who decided not to challenge Mr. Souder. "He learned how to run campaigns in the Quayle and Coats era and is a masterful political tactician and combines that with his own internal compass." -by Russ Pulliam


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