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Issue: "A few good men," May 6, 2006

Out of the garden

Recently a group of Christian parents got a cool reception when we met with the local high-school administration to oppose homosexual indoctrination in the schools. Andrée Seu's column about whether the sun is rising or setting on Christianity ("Braver new world," April 8) gave me courage to continue this fight. Ironically, a Christian acquaintance has said that she couldn't get involved with the homosexual indoctrination at her son's school because "God has called her to gardening." The timing of this column was perfect.
-Mary Reichard; Deerfield, Ill.

The crisis pregnancy center where I volunteer has been around for almost 20 years and has been involved in saving close to 200 babies. Ten babies a year may seem like a drop in the bucket, but it matters to those babies, their parents, siblings, and adoptive parents. That thought keeps me in the battlefield instead of the garden.
-Debbie Korsmo; Northwood, N.D.

More scientific

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Our young people are being taught that all real scientists believe in evolution. Not true. Hundreds of scientists believe in intelligent design, and they have logical, scientific reasons for questioning evolution. Opponents want to keep ID out of science classrooms not because it isn't scientific ("Still ticking," April 8), but because it's more scientific than evolution. President Bush was right when he said our young people deserve to hear both sides of the story.
-Alden P. Lewis; Carlisle, Pa.

Even those willing to accept all the bad science associated with the hypothesis of evolution should recognize that it ignores one critical, fundamental, scientific question: Where did all the raw materials for evolution come from?
-Richard Reising; Novi, Mich.


A note I received today from a Belarusian friend adds a word about one repercussion from the postelection protests ("Revolution spirit," April 8). Many of the arrested students are later being thrown out of their schools-a devastating economic punishment with lifelong results. This has also happened with students who were not arrested but whose presence at the protest gatherings was reported to school officials by others.
-Denny Hartford; Omaha, Neb.

God works

Thank you for your stories of volunteer efforts along the Gulf Coast ("Minding Mississippi," April 8). Sometimes events occur so that the work of God might be displayed.
-Walter Sickel; Tucson, Ariz.

Afraid of rabbits

It is utterly embarrassing that the elected leaders of St. Paul, Minn., are so afraid of the taint of "promoting religion" that they ban plastic grass and Easter rabbits ("Bunny ban," April 8). Which religion were they afraid of promoting? Nature-worshippers and environmentalists? While they are at it, their city name should come under scrutiny. Wouldn't they be much more politically correct to return to their location's moniker from the early 1800s: Pig's Eye Landing?
-Brian LaRowe; Madison, Wis.

God delivered

Did my eyes deceive me, or did Joel Belz actually suggest that God's plan might have been better advanced if Abdul Rahman had been murdered by the Afghan government ("'I am not afraid to die,'" April 8)? Mr. Belz came across as mildly disappointed in the outcome. God delivered one of His own, and one man showed the Afghan government and the world that he was gladly willing to die, not for the sake of killing "infidels" by blowing himself up on a crowded bus, but for believing in the one true God of mercy.
-Jennifer Blugerman; Troutville, Va.

Can you imagine?

In the 20th century, prominent Christians boldly spoke truth to power, such as Martin Luther King Jr., Dietrich Bonhoeffer, and Martin Niemoller. Can anyone envision these men stepping into organized political activities on a level with what Ralph Reed did ("Texas two-step," April 8)? The Christian activists the world seems to admire most are those who remain outside of the political system and focus on advancing a kingdom not of this world.
-Brad O'Brien; Killeen, Texas

Contrast this situation with the prophet Daniel, whose professional integrity as a man of politics working for a pagan state was so impeccable that not even his enemies could find anything to hang around his neck.
-Jack Brooks; Georgetown, Ky.

Just rebuilding

My family and I were delighted to see "Balkan spring" (April 1). We lived in Sarajevo for a number of years after the war, working as church-planting missionaries, and still hold that place very dear in our hearts. Mr. Dabel did an excellent job of summarizing the history of this perplexing place and the current political and social culture, although I never saw whole neighborhoods cordoned off with "MINE" tape. Visitors are always fascinated with the bombed-out shells of buildings and military aircraft, but for the people of Bosnia, it's all just part of reconstruction.
-Craig R. Jones; Valparaiso, Ind.


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