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"Mailbag" Continued...

Issue: "Meltdown," April 22, 2006


I just finished reading and enjoying the memories and stories of WORLD's first 20 years ("Celebrating 20 years of WORLD," March 18). I surprised myself with how many covers I recognized and the stories that rang bells. I remember receiving my first issue as a replacement for my Presbyterian Journal subscription. While uncertain at first, I am glad I've maintained my subscription.
-William J. Caldwell; Melissa, Texas

I renewed for three years after reading Mr. Olasky's column, "Salt, not sugar" (March 25). It is one of the finest magazine mission statements in print. I liked, "We like sex, within marriage. We read novels, go to movies," and "We aren't Christians with rules against anything that's fun-because God made fun, too."
-Ted Seymour; Boca Raton, Fla.

I will not renew. Fifteen years ago WORLD was a very good magazine, but it has since gone down the drain.
-Steve Dufek; Crivitz, Wis.

Congratulations! WORLD is informative, truthful, balanced, and God-honoring. By God's grace and provision, I look forward to reading many more issues.
-Paula Wissler; Dallas, Texas

Three down

I just finished Dr. Satinover's excellent book, Homosexuality and the Politics of Truth, mentioned in your interview with him ("From mental disorder to civil-rights cause," Feb. 19, 2005). This is certainly not the first fantastic book to which I have been introduced through WORLD. I especially appreciate Marvin Olasky's book lists ("Treadmill clues," March 25).
-Anita Morrill; Des Moines, Iowa


Hitler's last secretary was Traudl Junge ("Sophie's choice," March 25).


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