The "Great Firewall"

"The "Great Firewall"" Continued...

Issue: "Broken promises," March 25, 2006

China is not alone in its attempts to censor internet content, but its rapidly developing economy has created a testing ground for how U.S. companies will conduct business in tyrannical states. Iran, Saudi Arabia, and other Middle East nations maintain heavy restrictions, as do Asian countries like Vietnam and Uzbekistan.

The importance of setting precedent has prompted Congress to draft legislation that would forbid U.S. companies to operate servers within the borders of any nation deemed guilty of human-rights violations. Legislators are also considering passage of the Global Internet Freedom Act, which would allocate millions of dollars to counter internet filtering by repressive governments.

Absent acts of Congress, however, U.S. corporations continue kowtowing to Communist demands. No word on whether Google might alter its motto to reflect such policy. One possibility: "Don't be brave."


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