The crossroads of calling

"The crossroads of calling" Continued...

Issue: "Broken promises," March 25, 2006

Ms. Harris graduated from the program three years ago. After interning with and working full-time for Prison Fellowship's Wilberforce Forum, she joined Sen. Rick Santorum's team as the director of Cultural Outreach and Special Projects. She looks back on her nine months at The Falls Church as a crucial steppingstone, in her personal and professional growth, as it taught her to view her career as a calling and gave her a model to follow.

But the fellowships are not without challenges. Living in close quarters with people from different backgrounds, irritating habits, and opposite personalities frustrated Ms. Harris.

"I overcame it by understanding that I didn't have a choice about loving these people or not," she said. "I needed to find things that were lovable about them."

For someone who thrives on feeling competent, the most challenging part of the fellowship for Ms. Bremer has been her internship. "I don't know enough to do it well," she said. "I have to ask lots of questions."

For Mr. Tainter, leaving all of his friends and family behind and moving to Pittsburgh was a challenge, but he says he is confident that he made the right choice.

Plans are underway for 11 more Fellowships in cities including Chicago, Philadelphia, Houston, and Birmingham, Ala.


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